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  1. Who's this 'Snoops' character??

    Thought it might have been a typo like!!! Haha!
  2. Who's this 'Snoops' character??

    Thanks, just what I was trying to say myself really! And thanks for thinking I am nice
  3. Who's this 'Snoops' character??

    Hiya! I didnt know you were registered on here. Or at least I forgot! How are ya?
  4. Who's this 'Snoops' character??

    Well I'm not bloody lying. Its not in my nature to lie.
  5. Who's this 'Snoops' character??

    1. I am 22 2. I am female 3. I am not a fat bastard 4.Its not my fault there was a furore on N-O when I joined it. So a lass joins a forum, big frigging deal!! 5. Gemmill is funny 6.I am not an "it" 7.Dunno what the big deal is about me, there are other lasses on here too! 8.How old are you like Snakehips? 80-odd? 9.Fed up with being accused of being male. Girls can be on forums too! :lol: And catmag, please hurry up with my Gemmill badge
  6. Joke

    That one was painfully bad!! Where do you get them, from your own head?
  7. Joke

    It took me a while to work that one out. But then again I am blonde
  8. Joke

    Aye because I laugh at anything. Just look at Gemmill, I laugh at all off his jokes!!
  9. Joke

    Wanna bet? And is that you in your avatar because if it is, you are very sexy with your wig and false tache on!!!
  10. Joke

    Now everyone else has said it.... THAT WAS SHITE!!!!!
  11. Inside Out - BBC One Now

    See I don't mind admitting my weaknesses
  12. Inside Out - BBC One Now

    I find Gemmill's comments most amusing. Does no one else? Maybe I am just weird to find Gemmill so funny.
  13. Inside Out - BBC One Now

    Hilarious thread!!!
  14. Snoops can't play computer games.

    I'm trying to get better, I know I am pretty shitty at it at the mo though! I don't like a couple of the games anyway so won't be playing them again
  15. LeazesMag

    What a lovely comment from Gemmill and so early in the morning too, now thats dedication for you! Unless the pie shop was open early this morning!

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