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  1. Does he have Covid ?
  2. That's one way to get swift justice, amazing
  3. I was up there last week, apparently about 23 a week are testing positive and they are advising turning off the App.
  4. Are they still counting votes FFS
  5. Sounds like hes sacking everyone he can in the Pentagon
  6. Trump is the epitome of everything I hate in a person
  7. Lets hope the Trump tantrum will be spectacular
  8. I've enjoyed watching Southampton this season but they have been poor tonight
  9. He does have lovely hair and his Worzel Gummidge twig legs haven't snapped yet
  10. Do these dopey southerners realise how much pain Bruce will inflict on them for scoring that early goal ?
  11. Rumours Caulkin and Edwards had a bit of a bust up with each other at St James today
  12. Will the UK head for a full lockdown before Christmas and come out just before? For a Boris saves Christmas event.
  13. Or it could be a genuine attempt to force the Premier league to settle out of court
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