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  1. You look at the players we have in this squad and how many would get in any other premier league side? I think Wilson, ASM, Dubs ( some teams), Willock ( again in a few teams) and Sharr, That is it. Alongside that we the most out of his depth manager and the rest of the players are championship level at best with Big JOE at about league1/2. There is talk of 50 m spent in January, if so that does not even scratch the surface, in all honesty 6 or7 players minimum needed and that just secures mid table at best. The new owners really have to have a full clear out or they will b
  2. As long as its not Gerrard, Lampard or Rogers, cant stand any of them and we should be aiming for better than that. should go all out for Conte and if we cannot get him i would be happy with mourinho.
  3. No way I would want Gerrard, Lampard or Rogers , We should be aiming for much better than them, looking at the best available.
  4. st max get in, nobody can do what he does unbelievable
  5. joelinton easier to score than miss, guy is not a footballer in any shape or form
  6. ritchie....what a fukin tool.booked already.
  7. Hayden at centre back in place of Schar????..Hayden in any premier league team??? Ritchie at right back AGAIN!...THIS IS GOING TO BE PAINFUL.
  8. 100% would have Dummet or Manquillo as a left sided full back, even though neither are that great, then look at what we have coming off the bench at 2-4 down ,,, Big joe and Longstaff, just show how paper thin this squad still is, neither would get a game at any other prem club, Ashley just gambling on 17th place and anything higher is a bonus every year.
  9. Ritchie is never a wing back or left back at this or any level, cannot track runners at all, play as a left winger or don,t play him at all....and the alternative is Lewis...God help us!
  10. basically tried to kick a young Lincoln side off the pitch first half, tackles from behind and ref never even giving out a card, well....you got what you deserved Johnson...F**k ALL! Well done Lincoln! Happy Days
  11. never saw that performance coming but Wilson makes a huge difference and Willock is a mile better than anybody we have in midfield. pleased for dummet too. get in!! dubs excellent as well.
  12. krafth....why...just why? Shelvey again....really! The Arsenal lad must be thinking "what the f@@k do i have to do to get a game here ".
  13. joe linton, there is just nothing to him, piss poor control. no vision, so easily knocked off the ball, he offers literally nothing. And Ritchie is never a left back...then again neither is Krafth, What has happened to Manquillo?
  14. 2-0 up against 10 men, bruce half time team talk....."now lads we are going to go with 9-0-1 second half" for fu*k sake!
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