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  1. Awful from Dubravka, went to fake a kick to the head, then changed his mind, we need a more reliable goal keeper next season.
  2. ref and VAR have totally bottled it today, most obvious red card and Pen you could ever see and we get neither decision, There is no team i hate as much as these cunts would love to see them go bankrupt.
  3. Lacelles should not continue...even as the fukin tea lady mate! Decent transfer window that, defence should be a lot better, still think we needed 1 more up top as don;t see Wood as anything more than a back up squad player , scoring goals will still be an issue but I think we have done enough business to get to 17 th.
  4. I was honestly beginning to think we would never win again this season! Get the fu%k in there! Really pleased for Howe, the players too but more than anything that Amazing away support deserved that. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Nice one, just puppets to Bruce. I was not to keen on getting Howe to start with, but having heard his interviews and seen the video of his training sessions I think its a really good appointment.
  6. Neither Ritchie or Fraser should be anywhere near any premier league team, it looks like its going to Howe , better than Bruce but thats hardly an endorsement.
  7. spot on, they should be fuc*ing clemence, agnew and jones straight out the door, They made themselves look like idiots in the way they went about getting Emery, who would have been a great appointment. Any new manager should be appointing all his own coaches. We need somebody asap and if its Howe then so be it but I think they could have handled this so much better from the start and got better quality.
  8. what the f@ck has scharr done not to get a game in this team? An international centre back who is below Lacelles and Krafth in the pecking order!! No Willock , no Almiron either. Jones is bruce in disguise, hopeless.
  9. You look at the players we have in this squad and how many would get in any other premier league side? I think Wilson, ASM, Dubs ( some teams), Willock ( again in a few teams) and Sharr, That is it. Alongside that we the most out of his depth manager and the rest of the players are championship level at best with Big JOE at about league1/2. There is talk of 50 m spent in January, if so that does not even scratch the surface, in all honesty 6 or7 players minimum needed and that just secures mid table at best. The new owners really have to have a full clear out or they will be owning a Championship Club next season.
  10. As long as its not Gerrard, Lampard or Rogers, cant stand any of them and we should be aiming for better than that. should go all out for Conte and if we cannot get him i would be happy with mourinho.
  11. No way I would want Gerrard, Lampard or Rogers , We should be aiming for much better than them, looking at the best available.
  12. st max get in, nobody can do what he does unbelievable
  13. joelinton easier to score than miss, guy is not a footballer in any shape or form
  14. ritchie....what a fukin tool.booked already.
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