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  1. basically tried to kick a young Lincoln side off the pitch first half, tackles from behind and ref never even giving out a card, well....you got what you deserved Johnson...F**k ALL! Well done Lincoln! Happy Days
  2. never saw that performance coming but Wilson makes a huge difference and Willock is a mile better than anybody we have in midfield. pleased for dummet too. get in!! dubs excellent as well.
  3. krafth....why...just why? Shelvey again....really! The Arsenal lad must be thinking "what the f@@k do i have to do to get a game here ".
  4. joe linton, there is just nothing to him, piss poor control. no vision, so easily knocked off the ball, he offers literally nothing. And Ritchie is never a left back...then again neither is Krafth, What has happened to Manquillo?
  5. 2-0 up against 10 men, bruce half time team talk....."now lads we are going to go with 9-0-1 second half" for fu*k sake!
  6. get in there< hook Shelvey now, bring Willock on, put a least a couple more past these dirty fookers, Job done and we are safe.
  7. how the hell does Krafth get a game ahead of Clarke hopeless costs us every game
  8. Lascelles had a bit about him then, was one of the younger players and had the guts to say it as it was, compere that to now though, as Captain he gave no encouragement or direction last night, there was no communication or organization from him. Still he is not the worst , players like Shelvey, useless Joe , Fraser, Ritchie ,Gayle are literally stealing a living as footballers. These guys are possibly on 50k a week? They have no shame or pride.
  9. not one player can hold their head up after that, absolute shambles from start to finish, No effort . no plan. no interest and not 1 shot on target in 90 mins, A total embarresment. Watched through some very poor times in the 80s., but this is the worst i've seen in my time.
  10. john

    Glenn Roeder

    all of this, spot on, loved that era and travelling all over the place to games , standing up in grounds and idolising these players. davey mac, wharton, peter jackson, beardsley and of course Glenn Roeder top man.
  11. john

    Glenn Roeder

    was involved in many roles for us, player, captain, coach .manager and always came across as a genuine decent guy. even signed a shirt for me back in the day. RIP Glenn.
  12. When i first started to go to games in the 80s it was Roeder and Peter Jackson both in the team as centre backs, he was a top defender , good manager and by all accounts a decent man. RIP Glenn and thanks for all you did for NUFC.
  13. humphreys at half time talking to scholes " there are 2 uniteds playing here", nice one, Jenas take note!! if we keep pressing them high up the pitch we have a chance here , despite the fact we are virtually playing with 9 men and 2 passengers in shelvey and useless joe.
  14. krafth so poor there and its time for dubravka to return, also jenas on commentary being a total**** constantly saying " united" when talking about manure .
  15. Lewis , one of the worst players ive seen in a Newcastle team, gives nothing, no ball control, no passing ability ..no football brain at all.
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