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  1. This thread needs re-named to "I'm a budding tv writer"
  2. Haidara at left back for me, he looks solid. Simpson was better than debuchy
  3. Thinking of bailing out of this forum again, every fucker has got serious health issues. TT curse
  4. And I'm pretty sure you've got maddie in your cellar
  5. Why that instead of the S4 ant? I'm torn as I've been using htc's for years now and like the look of that but they reckon the S4 is the daddy. Me being an OG though I'm swaying to the HTC one
  6. Jessie is gone once they get the cook up to scratch imo, unless he pulls a GE off
  7. No he's just a scruff who no doubt rides his sister nightly.
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