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  1. Peter Beardsley

    If the hunchback little fucka had one ounce of decency in his body he should have refused to take the job, claiming he wasn't up to it, ask somebody else. But no, he's licked Ashleys arse for 3 long years now and is hoping he's going to get his rewards, great player but by all accounts a true cunt of a bloke. Him and Gillian Mckeith have more in common that the hump I reckon, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
  2. Ever seen a Ghost or UFO

    Just been reading this on SMB, anyone got any decent stories to put the shits up us?
  3. BREAKING FUCKING BAD **Spoilers**

    This thread needs re-named to "I'm a budding tv writer"
  4. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    Because he's an absolute clueless wanker
  5. We need to get back to proper fullbacks..

    Haidara at left back for me, he looks solid. Simpson was better than debuchy
  6. Monkeys Fist's heart is broken.

    And why would she do that?
  7. General Random Conversation..

    Buffs? Never get in there now.
  8. Monkeys Fist's heart is broken.

    Thinking of bailing out of this forum again, every fucker has got serious health issues. TT curse
  9. General Random Conversation..

    Were you the kid off the tudor advert?
  10. The Belta Minge thread NSFW

    She floats my boat big time
  11. General Random Conversation..

    You under 35?
  12. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    And I'm pretty sure you've got maddie in your cellar
  13. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    Why that instead of the S4 ant? I'm torn as I've been using htc's for years now and like the look of that but they reckon the S4 is the daddy. Me being an OG though I'm swaying to the HTC one
  14. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    Like it amigo, how much?
  15. BREAKING FUCKING BAD **Spoilers**

    Jessie is gone once they get the cook up to scratch imo, unless he pulls a GE off
  16. Billy Connolly

    No he's just a scruff who no doubt rides his sister nightly.
  17. Best Of Youtube

    How did they get her to stand still for so long
  18. brides wanting a double barrelled surname

    Post twats?
  19. Anyone ever had ringing in their ears?

    Would love to be the cause of the ringing in CT's ears
  20. Howmanheyman

    Have a good'n dunny
  21. brides wanting a double barrelled surname

    The hairy cornflake, has he been done yet?
  22. Recommend me something to watch!

    Pain and gain, some funny bits, worth a watch
  23. Best Of Youtube

    Could definitely hear it, couldn't see it anywhere.

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