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  1. As an outsider to Newcastle I am shocked they have retained Bruce. Even before the takeover the string of results that have occurred would warrant a dismissal. Jose is a fan of Newcastle it seems: Jose Mourinho said: I have emotional connection with Newcastle β€œ Newcastle, I have nothing to say, absolutely nothing to say,” Jose Mourinho said. β€œThe only thing I can say is that, for many, many years, I worked with one of the most important figures in the history of Newcastle, Sir Bobby Robson.” https://soccer.nbcsports.com/2021/10/18/jose-mourinho-newcastle-connection/
  2. First congrats on the new owners.. While I share a level of angst with allowing the Saudi's own a team in Premier League I have come to realize most of that is wrapped up in my concern of being booted out of the top 4. Therefore, I have to check my motives before placing my ire unto a fanbase or football club. I am also careful to condemn regimes because in the end I will condemn my own. My country (USA) has made war into a sport and has participated in the murder of innocents since our inception. Even with that knowledge I still love my country and believe I am blessed to have been born
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