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  1. Margaritas mainly. With Alex and Cath in the Vineyard. And Cath may have made me put my password in and is typing this as we speak...
  2. At Cath's watching porn. This woman has a LOT of porn. Some of it hetero.
  3. manc-mag


    Haven't been on my computer for a while since I accidentally pressed the overwrite key in 2012, but got this awful news from Cath and (like so many others, clearly) felt compelled to come on and express my sadness. I met Jon a couple of times in real life and enjoyed many hours of his stuff online. A lovely bloke and a great poster. Typically lovely and appropriate thought with the tribute Cath-I would be very happy indeed to contribute. Condolences to his family. RIP Jon
  4. I'm trying to post, but Cath's dancing around the living room naked. Actually that's factually misleading. I say living room, I mean kitchen-diner.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prRc7p9NO9o&feature=related
  6. Great post hmhm. Also, from a Manchester perspective, City have always been much more of a community club than Man U and they've kept that up even during their big money period tbf. Not that that ever gets any recognition outside of Mcr. Man U is all about money first, second and third so it's no surprise they start bawling the instant that someone gets more than them to play with for a change. Diddums tbh, they can go and fuck themselves.
  7. Good call. Also, if anyone thinks that having the entire national media on their side doesnt give them an obviously massive advantage in absolutely everything commercial they ever do then that's a bit of a bizarre position to take. They benefit hugely from constantly being in the public consciousness. If you actually had to pay for that sort of advertising as a fan recruitment tool it would probably eclipse what City have spent on players. Couldn't give a fuck tbh, it's a load of whinging at the end of the day. It's shit that they've had to spend that much to win but that bar was set
  8. Well as has been said on here numerous times, that's essentially how the successful clubs have always done it. Absolutely nothing new tbf. On the other hand, fantastic to see a monopoly broken.
  9. Beaten at his own game tbf. Was carving out a bit of a niche for getting opponents wound up and sent off (then pontificating on Twitter) but looks the twat now when it's done to him. He knows when he loses it he's still the biggest mug in English football and that will be winding him up now all close season. He can do nothing about it apart from bitterly comment on the national team from afar. One of the saddest bastards in the game really.
  10. Hope Man U don't win it again for a generation tbh.
  11. Great scenes. Hope you enjoy one up over them for many years to come. You deserve it.
  12. The City/Sunderland love-in remains as unhealthy as ever I see.
  13. When all's said and done, what an absolute embarrassment to himself.
  14. Another nice payout for McPish.
  15. Phenomenal achievement. City fans deserve absolutely everything this year. Incredibly massive thing to do and frankly the only way City could have done it-just was never going to be plain sailing for them. Shaken a massive psychological hoodoo. Literally nobody but Man City fans knows what it's like to be a Man City fan, when you've got Man U wining everything for the best part of 20 years. Absolutely phenomonal for them to do it today, can't be underestimated. That literally just leaves us now as the 'big' club of English football that never wins anything. Sad but true. As you say, t
  16. Most incredible season for absolutely years.
  17. Unsure how much the African market is worth to Prem clubs (in terms of spend) but I think Stevie's previously mentioned the 'Africa friendly Arsenal' point and it's an interesting one certainly in as far as Briitish African's are concerned. If it does become an important revenue stream in future I hope Kenny, Luis and LFC have done enough this season to alienate Africans from Klanfield for many, many years to come. It'd be great if they lost further ground that way.
  18. Forum kettling. Let's not have 'the Leazes argument' in Leazes' absence ffs.
  19. Threaten people with "peril" if they "write them off"
  20. They're a pair of twats, I'd laugh if he left both of them. Echo what RobH said.
  21. Interested by default this summer purely on the basis that football has been great for the first time in years and the season has now finished and this fills a void. Would go as far as to say that I detest England (fuelled by the Cockney press) outside of all competition play, but when the competition's on you want a stake in it and you do want to feel proud to be English. Won't be arsed if we go out in the group stages this time though, unlike other times.
  22. I'm not looking to turn it into a rehearsal of every thread for the last God knows how many years btw, just saying that what owner X personally made at any given point isn't a measure of whether the club was actually profitable/running according to it's natural resources or not. It's a red herring when used in that context for me. I reckon you're right about Liverpool btw Stevie. In terms of the League. Their fans are on about needing a bigger stadium again now (from 45,000 to 60,000) and while obviously having that extra revenue is desirable it still smacks of them clutching at straws be
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