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  1. Sibierski is SHIT

    Lucky I havent got multipul accounts then
  2. Sibierski is SHIT

    Who are you talking about
  3. Ameobi to play again

    Ok then, which ones? I haven't seen any of them play by the way. Have you? If you haven't, it's a daft thing to say imo as they could be gash or a million miles away from being ready. How do we know if we havent seen I've heard people say that Troisi and Carroll are pretty good but I'm not sure tbh.
  4. Ameobi to play again

    We definatly give one of the youth players a chance how will we find out if they are any good if we leave them out even when we've got most of our strikers injured. Shola hasn't done anything good to play every week anyway
  5. Sibierski is SHIT

    You fucking mong
  6. Sibierski is SHIT

    Thanks alot hold on while I kill myself I am so upset by that coment
  7. Sibierski is SHIT

    Do you reckon he thinks he's funny? I've got news for him... He's not!
  8. Sibierski is SHIT

    Here's that racist kid again.
  9. James Milner

    He is fustrating but I think he could learn fingers crossed. I would always play N'Zogbia
  10. James Milner

    I enjoy watching him play he needs to be able to put his good runs to use by finishing off a chance or setting someone else up. Amazing cross for Luque against Palermo though
  11. Emre

    Dont know why he thinks all ofmy posts are lie's as they have all been questions or opinons of mine. He just being darn right insulting
  12. Emre

    I quite like Emre as well tbh but if we can get a profit that would be good no need for the muslim comment enyouefsee
  13. Newcastle takeover talks continue

    They'd better hurry up before Shepherd goes for it
  14. Are you a Newcastle fan?

    Who in the fuck does he think he is anywayz cock end
  15. Tobais against Craig Morrows Opinion

    Fuck off Enyouefsee lol

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