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  1. The shows never been the same since Reg Cox died
  2. Ive done this using Goldwave which basically records whatever is going through your soundcard. It is available as a free download from www.goldwave.com Its canny easy to use, you just need to piss around with the levels.
  3. Jesus - If this lang streek of piss got anywhere near the scoresheet there can only be one explanation
  4. Smirky

    Song Help

    "The light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming train)" - Half Man Half Biscuit
  5. On N2? Im a project manager/ business analyst for the Inland Revenue. I preferred it when you were a barman at the Vallum, big fella - cheapest rounds I ever bought
  6. I once read that by rearranging the words in the title of a thread, you can determine its REAL meaning. I believe therefore that this is a cry for help from Bobby and we should call the RSPB
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