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  1. Ah I wish I got to see the game today.... Seen the REading one, but this was the one to see, seems to me... I was watching a film today and when I opened livescore on my mobile, we were 2-0 up. Couldn't beleive it, and spent the rest of the film looking every two minutes the score What was Taylor's celebration like? I had to download the video of the Celta Vigo goal just to see that Forrest Gump run Was this one today anything like the first one?
  2. I have an old Nokia 3510i, and I'm waitind for it to die to buy a new phone.... But it just won't die!
  3. I've seen Casablanca a few days ago. Again. And I loved it Again.
  4. Yeah I have a folder like that too. Only difference, my shite folder is called.....well...."shite"
  5. Is that a money giveaway? Where do I sign up?
  6. Errrr you are offtopic.... Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (11 minutes ver )
  7. Fishing, to be honest with you. I don't understand. Explain?
  8. What? I thought some of the people have been rude to you... I'm sorry if I was wrong.... Oh year....clit
  9. NFS:Carbon, Neverwinter Nights, FM2007, FretsOnFire.... BTW, Happy Face, you should like FretsOnFire
  10. How about Penelope's younger sister, Monica? http://images.google.com/images?client=ope...sa=N&tab=wi
  11. Whatcha sayin?!?!?! Okay the mono-eyebrow is ugly, but real Frila Kalo looked like that. Other than that, she looked sexy in that film!!! Remember the scene where she dances with anoter woman and kisses her after the dance.... Don't be silly! Salma is H-O-T!!!!!
  12. Nothing will be accomplished until everyone everywhey starts sacking and punishing divers. No divers in Iraqui league
  13. Yer, Werder are playing great football! Borowski, Diego, Klose, Wome.... Very good team! Who do you reckon is the strongest side that will qualify from UEFA Cup groups(beside us of course ) ?
  14. Hey, Matt, check this one out... This is a singer...well, she claims to be one anyway (bloody terrible poppy music...yuch)... Anyway, she is often reffered to as Penelope look-alike.... http://www.eminajahovic.net/ She is quite a babe
  15. No. Cricket is for people with a brain FACT! Glad you don't like it. So, it is some sort of chess, eh?
  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....... Was that as good for you as it was for me??? Salma, I wanna make you mine!
  17. Getting cocks? Like... Got milk?
  18. Sharks don't live in swamps you know. Will somebody lock this thread blease? Or even better, delete it
  19. Yeah well I was gonna.... but then came a swam monster and bla bla bla the usual.... *M4 is some model of BMW or something?
  20. Very good thanks!! Any news like? Got married or somethin'
  21. Alreet in Spanish that OR....as Black Adder would say: "No speako dego!"
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