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  1. 176 inc players,staff and stewards...
  2. Sounds like he's just been asked if there was a clause in his contract saying he cant play for peru..and hes just answerd the question...unless theres more to the story than whats posted above!
  3. havnt seen that for a while...great video, cant wait to see him back in action!
  4. iam with you on that one!!!!...if i hear his name once more today il..il...switch the Tv of and goto bed
  5. id say its cos its 35mins to the deadline and no news?
  6. Thats whats probley holding the deal up, freddys late night snack
  7. i wish they would just hurry the fck up, SSN reports going round and round is starting to drive me crazy but i cant switch off till i know, Liverpools view of owen signing,Hearts sign some blokey,Owens signs for newcastle,Liverpools view of owen signing,Hearts sign some blokey,Owens signs for newcastle,Liverpools view of owen signing,Hearts sign some blokey,Owens signs for newcastle,!!!!
  8. you jut know there hanging on untill 11.59 to announce it....i hope!
  9. loving this quote of one of the LFC forums.. "From European Champions to rummaging around at a car boot sale before it closes, in a matter of months"
  10. his heads on the wrong way...deffo a smog
  11. if bernard is un-registered to a club does that mean he could sign up outside the transfer window?...i dont think he will be back, just intrested to know!
  12. yeah true but this time last week we had the monkey in charge of a deppressing team,
  13. What a diffrence a week can make, last weds night driving back from bolton was probley one of the biggest lows in a longtime, apart from playing shite we didnt look like anyone of any real quality was going to sign and looked like a deppressing bottom 5 battle ahead of course were no better off for points etc....but if someone had said within a week we would have spent approx 26m and be on the verge of re-signing Nobby how many people would have belived it??
  14. Aye, muppets trying to wisper to each other with about 20 microphones infront of them
  15. what a load of shite, didnt even bother reading it all stopped at "they've overpaid horribly" of corse we must be the 1st club to pay a high price for a player, the likes of Saha,Drogba,Ciise,Crouch, are all decent players but have been sold for crazy prices yet the media never think "they've overpaid horribly"
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