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  1. Cheik Tiote's Goal

    Fame at last! I made this chant up with a couple of mates after the match on Saturday night. I'm not going to Blackburn but hoping it gets an airing at least in the pub beforehand. Anyone who's going will have to let me know if it does.
  2. Dennis Wise

    nufc.com are now carrying story that runours are rife that Wise has fone. No confirmation from club.
  3. Sunderland Games next season

  4. Peter Andre in hospital.

    Peter Andre Brain Scan- No Worries for Jordan I know I shouldn't but...
  5. Shit joke.

    Surely the Mexican was bringing the hay through on a donkey not a cart?
  6. Toontastic Piss Up - Arsenal (H) Mon 9th April

    I'll be getting rat arsed before the match so that I'll be too pissed to remember it and will continue drinking afterwards to drown my sorrows!
  7. NUFC v Tottenham Hotspur

    Steve Bennett is an appalling referee. He doesn't even know the basic rules of the game! Or at least the cheating fucker chooses to ignore them!
  8. Some Toon Fans On Soccer AM

    Don't be such a spaz.
  9. Belgravia takeover agreed?

    Obviously no announcement to the Stock Exchange when it opened this morning.
  10. The Bad Taste Joke Thread....

    Apparently there's a dyslexic Santa on the loose in Ipswich who keeps leaving prozzies under the tree. I got slapped by a shop assistant today. I can't understand why! I was in a bakery in Ipswich and I said, "Oooh, I could murder a tart" Job Vacancy Prostitutes required - Ipswich area Good rates of pay but the shifts are murder
  11. Watford vs Newcastle

    Aye. Never won a competitive shoot out, have we? No. 13 competitive shoot-outs played in. 13 lost. ...and here they come!
  12. Watford vs Newcastle

    Time to lose on pens instead!
  13. Your Favourite Football Pictures

    What's going on there? Rivelino had to be resuscitated after he collapsed following the trophy celebrations in the 1970 World Cup Final.

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