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  1. 31, she's always worn flats due to her dwarf like family making her paranoid about being 'so tall'. Make the most of it, I'll be 6ft 8 by October.
  2. I have a woman and I'm 6ft tall, take that suckers! But seriously me an 'er were exactly the same height but I tower over her now. Maybe the diet tips CT gave me about "growing a few inches" have worked but I genuinely am a few inches taller than her now and she hasn't noticeably shrunk. *Beats chest, stares around menacingly, walks off with collar pulled up*
  3. We all knew I was a modern miracle anyway but now we have another reason to prove this. My lass is tall for her sex (5ft 10, height taken at docs & one of those machines etc..) but now I tower a good 2-3 inches over her.
  4. I hope by jailed they mean put into a mental hospital.
  5. Have you see the first fight (its on that tube place), unless something unexpected happens it should be a brilliant fight.
  6. I've gone the opposite way, followed up every boring sentence with "yeah" so she gets the idea that I'm not really bothered. I am getting some pretty good results at the moment, don't think it will be long until we can have normal people conversations.
  7. Straight swap for Onuoha and Hoillet. Done!
  8. Yeah those new fangled Islamists.
  9. Coming over here, taking CT's jobs! (the looneys, not the Islamists).
  10. Ah womblemaster, that's the one. Full on weirdo, not a Parky 'weirdo' where he pretends to believe this stuff for a bit of a laugh.
  11. Somewhere else is probably Newcastle-Online I thought this was wolfy? Was that never confirmed?
  12. I knew it must have been some sort of quota
  13. Why is there always one of these posters on the forum?
  14. Open your mind maaaaaaaaan!
  15. Yeah we're proper strange thinking spreading things evenly is the way to go Do you just paint a square metre of a wall and think "Fuck it, that'll do, it'll only have beans all over it later!"
  16. This. Real pet hate of mine when someone makes me toast/sandwiches and there is a clump of butter in the middle and dry bread round the edges. Given how much CT loves a buttered slice I don't understand how he hasn't mastered this yet
  17. A bit yellow, a lot runny. Don't eat too much bad food in the week any more which means the weekend takeaway has a significant effect on my post-weekend pooping!
  18. Black people play basketball now? PC gone mad!
  19. I don't understand why you seem to think chickens smell so much, they're chickens ffs!
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