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  1. Unbelievable luck for Mackems again. Getting rid of a manager who finally would have got a team relegated and get big compensation to get a decent manager in. They don't need tp play well, they just luck out season after season.
  2. That's true and with hindsight the miners' strike was a brutal put down of the North. Hardly heard a squeak since. It's sad with this vote the Conservative have got their dream of making England back into a feudal fiefdom where the peasants have got nowhere to escape to.
  3. After the galactic screw ups of the last few months how much confidence can there be in that? They almost seem to be on a suicide mission.
  4. They need to slow walk article 50 and it looks as if the twats can't even do that right. It looks as though they're going to invoke it before the end of the week.
  5. Corbyn was in the tank with Brexit and he hates racists. George Galloway ended up on the same side as Farage. Northerns ended up holding hands with aristocrat Johnson. The country is totally screwed.
  6. Probably won't effect anything but all we can do today. You're right, Farage should be arrested for fraud and hijacking blue collar misery for his unhinged purposes. People are already voting with there feet.. who wants to squelch around the world's largest open air prison with a bunch of obese semi literates?
  7. Here's the petition sire again: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215 There's a map showing where the signers are coming from. Don't let the North East get dragged in with the Brexitards... again
  8. What most people don't realise about Spotify is that it uses peer-to-peer networking. That means your device is being used as an always on Bittorrent client. So As long as Spotify client is running you're uploading data to listeners all over Europe and blasting your nuts and brains with electro smog 24/7. Don't believe me? Download Currports and check it out. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html You'll see dozens leeching you. Maybe hundreds. It would be nice if they told users about that before they sign up. You also know why it installs to auto start up when your system boot
  9. heh heh ... the parallels with history...the black cats become the black shirts. Now mein kampf can become my camper van. And he can help Short annex Sudetenland forever.
  10. He probably thought it was his ex wife coming to get him. Anyway if he's so sorry he can go to the stables and shovel shit on Saturday afternoons now he's banned.
  11. Hey it gets better. I've seen a preview of our shirts for the new sponsor next season and they have a vent cut in the back for the dorsal fin. Lllabias' suit will have one too.
  12. And so what was Margaret Thather's brilliant solution to stripping the shipyards, steelwoorks, mines and a thousand other industrial concers... wait for it....wait for it now.. THE 1990 GATEHEAD GARDEN FESTIVAL! That's right, the dumb northern mugs could look at a bed of petunias and suck their thumbs. Just leave the clever stuff to the wonder workers in the City.
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