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  1. All I would say is that if it's a local authority or government department then you might be knackered as they allegedly should have far more watertight HR procedures, plus a level of bureaucracy that means your case and the outcome has been double and triple checked. Should have I might add.


    you would think so but not in this instance. my line management have simply been incompetent.

  2. Im still immensely angry about this whole process not to mention frustrated.


    im going to post the contents of the ET1 form giving the sequence of events minus the names and places. hopefully, this may prove useful to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position, be them manager or employee.


    as a few of you know who i work for, please keep this quiet for obvious reasons.

  3. Been on the sick for a while and been sacked . My dismissal letter said targets wernt being met and that an extra burden was placed on colleagues. When i appealed i asked for the evidence of this but they've said the evidence doesn't exist but have upheld the original decision to dismiss me.


    Ive not been impressed with my union rep and want to take things further.



  4. I once made a joke about us having the worst ball boys in the league and this radge in front of us turned round annoyed going on about Shearer being a ball boy. What an odd cunt. It was at that same time i realised i'd been out the area too long as the lad next to us agreed saying 'aye wuh shite at thrurns anahl'. I had to ask him to repeat what he said.

  5. I'm just saying that Santon is coming back from injury and that it can really damage a player's confidence if they have a bad debut. It's true that Santon shackled C. Ronaldo one time, but he's lost his way a bit since then and is just starting off at a new club. Let's not expect miracles from him in his first match for us. Of course I want Santon to replace R. Taylor in the long term (and in the short term!) but I wonder if this is just one game too soon for him.

    hasnt he played at least 2 full games since the fluid was drained from his knee?

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