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  1. Born in Co.Durham, now living in eastern Europe (ooh get me).

    Been away from is fucking awful when we're doing well, watching us beat Sunderland 1 nil, Taylor over the wall, alone pissed on a laptop was just strange.


    Although when we're doing shit, it helps, you can switch off from it all and take in some perspective


    Meeting endless amounts of man utd, chelsea 'fans' grinds you down as well

  2. This season can't end soon enough.

    Our remaining games are awful, two home games we are likely to lose (Liverpool, Arsenal) and we never look great away.

    If we go in to the last game of the season needing something we are fucked.


    I can't even bring myself to talk about today and I'm never going to congratulate them either

  3. Hope this shit gets sorted out today, the whole aura around the club now must be depressing as fuck




    * fucking hell I think i've got the CD single of that Please don't go song

  4. In these hard times when the team is struggling and all is bleak............STOCK UP NOW on your official nufc Onesie, cheer yourself up even more with a delightful NUFC garden Gnome.


    quick give me access to the nufc twtter account

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