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  1. The Jormans do some nice bikes Isegrim, you should have gone for this tho: VERY nice Its a totally different type of bike...
  2. If someone claims he did it, its alleged , they cant say "the assault" because that would be claiming it did happen , and would be grounds for Barton to sue, or some shite like that. Innocent until proven guilty, and all that.
  3. Black Tarmac and Red Tarmac decide to go for a beer down the local. They have just sat down when Green Tarmac comes bursting through the door, demands a large scotch and then head-butts the barman in the face for no reason. Red says to Black, you better watch him, he's a fucking cycle-path Not sick, but complete genius.
  4. http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=sg&...p&pid=10868 how amazing does that phone look? 5 MegaPixel camera? I think I'll wait till this comes out.
  5. I work in a service station café doing a whole heap of shit...anyway, The staff room is a smokers room, and the cloakroom is incorporated into the hallway next door. The smokers room stinks up any clothes in the cloakroom, and as a result I come back from work with clothes that stink. I'm glad the smoking ban has come through, but I hope clubs dont stink of sweaty barstewards now... It will certainly increase my alcohol intake substantially, because the only thing stopping me going to the pub is the fucking smell of your clothes afterwards. I'm not fussed about passive smoking jus
  6. http://www.last.fm/user/jimburst/ Check that shit out.
  7. Jesus Christ erm, u go to the Ocean palace in Bournemouth/poole? Great place.
  8. Seen as you get so much stick on here, I'll be nice to you You do have a fantastic vocabulary Dave. Don't get used to this sort of thing btw it's taken me 3 and a half hours to come to a decision. I think this is a compliment so I'm going to take it as such. I've been trying to weigh up whether you were taking the piss or being genuine I was being genuine believe it or not. In that case, cheers. sorry, I'm just not very good at taking compliments Awwww, look at you two!
  9. jimburst


    eh ? Great big bag of heading Patrokles' way! B) I was giving him credit for a joke, maybe a little self-parody?
  10. fuck, i hadnt realised i was up this late , bastard.
  11. think about the biggest shit (or biggest cock) that's ever come out (or in) your arse...then think about the width of the pen...nothing to worry about mate.
  12. Rebel Without a Pause - Public Enemy
  13. How big is his arm ffs? If you cant cover that quote with your forearm you must be a flid. anyone else put their arm on the screen to check they aren't a flid?
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