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  1. Casino Royale: utter balls. The Boat That Rocked: daft fun. The Da Vinci Code: shit.
  2. General Random Conversation..

    Just checked, looks like it. With great power comes great responsibility, David: remember that.
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Has Dave broken the Internet?
  4. Inherently Moral Stokoeshop Thread

    "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard."
  5. Newcastle Utd 2 -0 Fulham

    Fucking over the moon. Thought Michael Owen was superb, really.
  6. Just who exactly says we won't go foreign?

    Is he even human?
  7. Allardyce sacked.

    I don't understand. This could be very bad if we bring in the wrong man. Very bad.
  8. Glenn in SOS call to Carr

    "We may even have to ask him to play out of position, but knowing the sort of person he is, I know he would do this." Are we sticking him up front, like?
  9. Home toon debacles

    I would't add that. I came out of that one thinking the same as everyone else: how can we have played so well but lost 4-1? It was insane. As I said in another thread, the Villa match was horrific in terms of performance, the sendings off, the booing of O'Brien, the fight, Taylor's ludicrous handball. Awful.
  10. Newcastle vs Birmingham

    Sadly, this is true.
  11. Ratings V Brum

    It's ridiculous, really, when you consider we're a wealthy club in the Premiership. The likes of Ramage, Huntington, Edgar will probably be lucky if they're playing League 2 football a couple of seasons down the road.
  12. Ratings V Brum

    Tbf, he is actually even worse at left-back than he is at centre-half.
  13. Taylors suspension..

    This goes without saying, surely?
  14. Newcastle Vs West Ham

    What? Did he just buy a round?
  15. FAO Leazes Mag...

    The standard of passing today made it impossible to keep the ball. It was terrible. Solano, in particular, was very bad but they were all at it.

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