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  1. I think we will hear nothing till the club is sold, not how it is going Ashley does not care about the fans or the club, he just wants as much money as he can get, and unfortunately it could take along time to sell and in the mean time I think no players will comke or go because if we sell players the club will be worth less as at the minute the club is on sale for 100 million if that is true for all the club and players and no manager. so it may get worst before it get better
  2. Even the media have got bored with the saga of..

    The club are noty saying anything so the media have used up everything, probable start the shearer will not wait forever next
  3. nver use this before, do you save it to you dektop and will it up date it self or do you have to download every week?
  4. 2 x bids of £100m confirmed

    What do people expect to happen when the talkover is complete, i think move forward and get promoted maybe not this yar but next year, cannot see us competting at the high end of the premiership for a good few years
  5. 2 x bids of £100m confirmed

    Lets hope it true, and going to try and be postive otherwise it seems that everyone thinks Ashley will keep the club for evry and we will keep going down and three years be in the blue square. Does every think it end soon or do we think going to go on and on and if so where will we end becaus it does not end then we will have no to support.
  6. 2 x bids of £100m confirmed

    Why looks made up, We have no idea what going on, if we keep believing or not believe what in the papers the only time anything will be true is when the club is sold the rest could or could not be made up, if they are trying to push up the price there nothing we can do about.
  7. Seriously if this is true...

    all he wants to do is maximise his money the fans do not come into it if that means he waits that what he will do, do think he cares or will evr come back to newcastle
  8. Seriously if this is true...

    I agree I was told it and thought we will wait and see, the club will be sold when it sold and there is nothing we can do about
  9. Seriously if this is true...

    Everyone appears to have been told by someone what is going on I been told there be a press conference tommorow and it is a done deal. I think no one know except ashley and the potential buyers and anything else is hearsay and may or may not be true.
  10. Good News, 2 £80 million bids accepted

    Does it really matter if he get 80 million or a 100 million and when, he made such a messy that as long a he is gone and someone comes in a who has some idea what they are doing is what is important
  11. The Future

    After watching what has happened to Newcastle over the last few years where we change managers and buy players who keep failing to produce results or even look like giving us a good team to watch. Then seeing what has happened a clubs like Aston villa, then I think what Newcastle and there fans need is the following. If asley is to stay on a permanent basis a the end of the season he must first decide who he wants a managers if that is Kinear or some one else then he should be given 3 years to manage the team sorry build a team look at Martin o'neill he has over the last few yeaars built a team also we must accept that we may not play well or have a good league position for the first season and half and think Aston villa under Martin O'neill were a crap side to begin with, but because he has time to build a team look at were they are now. Also I think the manager should look to buy players to fit into the system and so no more trophy signing ( Owen comes into thet category) I would like to look for the next Andy Cole etc. The main point I thrying make is the club must have a plan for on the pitch which must be given time to see whether it can work and so if it is hard to begin it has got to be better thqat the constant limbo we have been in for the lkast 4 years with changing managers and the club have no focus on the pitch with building a succesful team
  12. The Future

    I agree Kinnear is probable not the right man, as for GCSE's I did get english but it took a couple of goes and was many years ago. i was meaning about Andy Cole was I am sick us spend millions on players who come with a suppose great reputation and under achieve, also that means we should look at players outside the premiership eg. Beckford at Leeds how do we know he will not score goals in the top flight
  13. On the pitch on the .............oh fuck stop.

    2012 euro championships should be fun then
  14. first game newcastle vs shrewsbury 1979 Chris waddle debut think we won 2 - 0
  15. Best Chant Ever ?

    A more normal chant but in the days when we were top of the league and sung about. I remember Bolton singing We are bottom say we are bottom of the league. The other which was fun was aginst David Speedie at Blackburn away ( Keegan first away game as Manager) and Blacburn the following season when sang we all shag your wife speedie speedie
  16. Everton Away

    Try anfield car park as for liverpool games they use everton ground car park and it is secure about £5. The other alternative is to park in secure car park in the town and get the train to sandhills from any train station then get the match bus free I think and then get them back after the match you probable get away after the match quicker
  17. Joe Kinnear named new manager

    I cannot understand why people are going so made about this appointment he is only here for 1 month at the most, we are in dire need of someone and no one else will come because they know we are being taken over at some stage soon. so I say lets get behind him and team try to win a game or two and hope the rumours of keegan and shearer coming back are true
  18. Ashley to sell.....OFFICIAL

    Does anyone know how much they are worth? They say the people who took Man city over are worth 550 billion
  19. Away Games

    you have to contact the box office and get the three tickets put together on you friends and family section
  20. Saviola in on loan?

    They will not sign ashton as he is injury prone and it seems they are moving away from signing anyone who is injury prone
  21. Magpie Mover

    I have been getting the mapgpie mover for the last few seasons on the metro for match days. does anybody know if they are doing it for this season? if so has anyone got a link for the application form?
  22. Magpie Mover

  23. Dunne's City talks put on hold

    Be great to play with taylor could teach him how to be better not alot would get past them, experience centre half is what we need and he fits the bill. unlikely to get him as appears man city rate him.
  24. Barton

    Big sam set the team up wrong for him which meant he never got anything from him, look like he starting to play for us like he did at times for man city
  25. Tottenham Hotspur 1- 4 Newcastle Utd

    are we top in the north east again?

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