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  1. Sunderland

    Aye, but in fairness to Laz it was a fairly sensible post.
  2. Newcastle vs Birmingham

    If ever a team deserved booing off, it was that lot tonight. 5-1, at home to fucking Birmingham. True, true, but I still hate it, silence is enough for me, soft cunt I am. So yeah, maybe justified this time, but I still hate it. I'm not a fan, and had I been there I wouldn't have booed (it sounds so fucking stupid) but I think they deserved it tonight. I was, but more weird was "we can see you sneaking home" from a corporate box. I'm glad someone was 'brave' enough to have a word. On the whole, people in those boxes don't go often so have no business telling people not to fuck off early. I hate people leaving early usually and I've never done it since I missed a Damien Henderson goal for Hartlepool when I was about 8 and my dad wanted to get to the car, but when the 4th went in tonight, I was a goner. I'm sure you were on the box for a good while after Milner scored. Were you in the Gallowgate, low down? If not, you've got a dead-ringer.

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