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  1. Ashley hopes to sell United this week

    Lad who gets in pub works for Newcastle and is proper (pre 92) Newcastle fan. Anyway main points are these This is the Skunkers ITK. Mate in a pub ITK !!!!
  2. The Ticket Office are SHITE!

    Well i've still not got mine......................................Perhaps it takes longer for the post to reach Nottingham.
  3. The Ticket Office are SHITE!

    I was on the waiting list, heard nothing, so i rang the box office about 5 weeks ago, they let me buy one there and then(So much for a waiting list). However i'm still waiting to receive it. I wouldn't be suprised if i don't get one, even though i've checked that they've taken the money from my bank. They've probably lost all details of my purchase.

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