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  1. Ash Ra Tempel's New Age of Earth? Eno's good stuff? Cluster? Harmonia? Yellow Magic Orchestra? Aforementioned Kraftwerk? Holger Czukay's Persian Love? etc. All mentioned, other than Eno and Harmonia's De Luxe, sound dated and sterile. Sure, they were key in developing electronic music but put on one of their albums today and there's very little in the way of mood, atmosphere, production or instrumentation that stands out. Especially with the likes of Yellow Magic Orchestra....how this group is as lauded as it is completely mystifies me. And if you'd mentioned Klaus Schulze or some o
  2. That's because almost all of the greatest electronic music came out in the 90s. Sure, we could sit here and wank on about the Silver Apples and Stockhausen endlessly, but what would be the point when their output today sounds a)dated and b)shit?
  3. I'm not a fan of all his stuff. His last album was vastly overrated. His debut, however, is stunning.
  4. Some good starting points are Orbital (just about any album really but Snivilisation or In Sides might be a good starting point also the 'Green' album - untitled but with a green cover aka 'Orbital I' which has the tunes 'Belfast' and 'Chime' which are two of the best electronic tunes of all-time imo); Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works '85-'92; Mixmaster Morris aka Irresistible Force - It's Tomorrow Already which is nice and chilled; Derrick May's Innovator compilation is quality an an introduction to 'proper' Detroit Techno; for crossover appeal I'd recommend the aforementioned Air, especia
  5. Absolutely storming collection of films. I've managed to buy all but about 3 of the films. My personal recommendations would be The Cremator, Love and Interrogation. I'm yet to see a bad Second Run film.
  6. 3 superb films right there. Check out Chungking Express if you haven't already done so, probably my favourite Wong Kar Wai film.
  7. New Dalek album. Breathtaking stuff.
  8. havent heard either - Wire were the lot that did that 'eardrum buzz' song a few years back werent they? Indeed. IMO they were the greatest band of the late 70s and their first three albums were pretty much perfect. Their debut, Pink Flag, is probably my favourite album of that decade. Original Cover
  9. Best - 'Map Ref. 41° N 93° W' | My Bloody Valentine. Wire's original is one of the best songs ever made and MBV's cover is just as brilliant. I can upload it if anyone's interested.
  10. Think I might give Snivilisation a listen myself.
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