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  1. Toon vs Spurs

    This is just laughable. I have never seen such a bad Newcastle side. I honestly can't watch this shit.
  2. Icelandic duo to buy Newcastle?

    BREAKING NEWS IN ICELAND: Alan Shearer is with Haraldsson and Jóhannesson in talks of buying the club. Talks are very far ahead and a bid is expected very soon. I'm pretty sure this is true, Iceland is a very small country and when something like this is reported it is almost always true. It's worth a mention that this news station was the first to report that Magnusson and co. were buying West Ham.
  3. This story just appeared on the Icelandic news site Visir.is: Roughly translated: According to sources, Icelandic businessmen Pálmi Haraldsson and Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson are seriously considering launching a bid to the English football club Newcastle United. Negotiations have been going on for some time without any contracts having been signed. Pálmi Haraldsson did not want to deny or confirm this story when Visir contacted him. "Newcastle is a great club, with a great manager and I have been a fan for a long time" said Pálmi and laughed. Mike Ashley is a sports retailer in Brittain and he bought the club in June. It isn't unlikely that Ashley knows of Pálmi and Jón, for they have been very public in retailing in Brittain recently. Ashley bought his majoraty in Newcastle for 134 pounds in the end of May while Eggert Magnusson and Björólfur Guðmundsson bought West Ham United for 85 million pounds. Last week Ashley paid off 30 million pounds of the 80 million pound debt that Newcastle had. This is considered to be a part in making the club easier to sell in the eyes of investers. Newcastle is an immensly big club, the 13th biggest in the world today. It's fans are very loyal to the club, and the club's stadium, St. James' Park, is sold out most matches. Source

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