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  1. Souness Out

    In reply to the earlier comment about Lee's achievement of finishing 5th, it was Dinnis who finished 5th and got us into Europe on the last game of the season. Before anyone says that it was Lee's team, it could be argued that part of it was Joe Harvey's team.
  2. Souness Out

    Dr Noisewater, having lived in Middlesbrough for 4 years, I take great offence about your Bearsden comments
  3. Souness Out

    If youi're in the Strawberry on Saturday, I'm buying.
  4. Souness Out

    A pint of what?
  5. Souness Out

  6. Souness Out

    It can be as its full of Rangers and Celtic fans
  7. Souness Out

    Please get out and save the club. The guy is a disaster no matter where he is. Rangers, Benfica etc. I thought Gordon Lee was bad but he was a genius compared to Souness.

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