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  1. Yep, and if it all goes pear-shaped (because let's face it this country is a tad more tightly packed than most) it'll be real funny. Couldn't happen at a worse time either, especially up in Jockland with New Year's coming up, all those people getting together could be a recipe for disaster. Still, as long as people 'did the right thing' in doing a bit of overseas care work it'll all be worth it.
  2. Some bastard 'health-worker' bringing it in to the country, do-gooding twat.
  3. Must tick the following boxes to be considered by Fat Mike: Doesn't want to be involved in transfers Won't ask for investment Is totally unambitious and content with 'just surviving' in the Prem Will never question ze fuhrer Hasn't any strong link with Newcastle That should narrow it down...
  4. From the Chron: ... because clearly being beaten 3-1 isn't as bad as we think - it means we're doing 'okay'
  5. Meh, was to be expected, they consistently want it more than us. We'll never be the 'second team' in the North-East because we're that much bigger and more supported than them, we just have to put up with these upstart mutants making the most of our being run by Fat Mike the Bastard until things change back to normal and we get a proper owner again.
  6. Lol, comedy goalkeeping... good grief.
  7. From Eurosport: Hairy little know-nowt wank.
  8. Lol, Rooney saying it was a big game for the people of Scotland.
  9. Found on the moon you know:
  10. The release date for this awesome game has been announced today - 16th December 2014!
  11. TheMoog


    I'm finding this resurgence all very confusing, how can we go from being dogshit and Pardew looking clueless to winning four games on the run and actually looking competent???
  12. Hmm, I wonder - for example, if some good looking, ripped bloke is walking down the street how many women/girls would do the same? The real problem is that most bloke's standards are a lot lower so they'll try and crack on to anything, even the munters
  13. Lmao, you know when you've been Pardew'd
  14. Yay!!! Thank god we were all wrong about Mike Ashley, he's made our club a success again!
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