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  1. I’m really struggling to get into the euros and that match certainly didn’t help. I think Newcastle may have put me off football for good. As bad as they were, that is a much better result for England as I can’t see Scotland beating Croatia.
  2. Deluded isn’t strong enough. Which company wants to associate themselves with that brand? I haven’t lived in Newcastle since I was a kid, so don’t really know any Sunderland fans but I don’t remember them being that mental. That forum surely can’t be representative of their fans? I had always assumed it was some offshoot of a Combat 18 forum that eventually got their very own football forum.
  3. I watched most of their match yesterday, probably the first time I’ve watched them in 5 or so years. They are supposedly the giants of League One and they still play the awful long ball football that they used stink the Premier League out with for years. I enjoyed our two seasons in The Championship as the standard was so poor that we could batter teams while playing decent football. When those tramps are playing non-league, the football they’ll be playing will still be absolutely lifting. We don’t really have much to shout about but that bunch of BLM booing
  4. You might be playing Wrexham soon, if that’s what you meant?
  5. “Well done, he’s 13.” A line I’ll never tire of hearing. Big Neville knew what a prick he was long before it dawned on the rest of us.
  6. I could only think of Michael Owen. I place more stock in Anne Frank’s opinions on drum kits than I do Michael Owen’s opinions on football (and denim).
  7. They do say dolphins are intelligent creatures.
  8. You have to admire the bloke for sticking to his guns given how easy it is to prove him wrong. Barefaced Billy Bullshitting is a dying art these days thanks to those bastards at Google. Fair play to him for giving it a go.
  9. It was absolutely dreadful and it was fucking freezing as well. I just remember Allardyce strolling past at the end trying to milk the applause (as though he had just overseen a tactical masterclass) and getting dog’s abuse.
  10. I moved to Fulham last year. I’d get booking pubs now as it is nigh on impossible to get a pint round here on a Saturday nowadays. I’d invite you round to mine but I don’t want you highly trained idiots ruining my new astroturf!
  11. Weren’t you bragging about your sports car the other day?
  12. We got it last summer. Pretty much zero maintenance plus it tends to have a foam underlay that makes it very comfortable and helps it drain away rain pretty much immediately. If you get the decent stuff then it looks good all year round and you don’t have to worry about cutting it/maintaining it/weeding etc. Ideal for a lazy bastard who can’t be fucked with gardening.
  13. It gives young people hope that the end is in sight while reminding us middle aged bastards that socially distancing, and being locked down, isn’t so bad after all.
  14. Cheers lads! You’ve all convinced that it’s perfectly fine to go for a few pints tonight so I thank for that.
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