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  1. I got French citizenship (you can have dual citizenship with France) a few months ago. A British passport is all of a sudden going to a lot less useful. It will be blue though, so that will more than make up for the long queues at passport control.
  2. It’s an awful choice to have to make. Both my parents are in their 70s and we’d need to get a flight or long train to go and see them. Airports and train stations will be chaos between the 23rd-27th so we don’t want to pick something up en route. We’ve decided to postpone until February in the hope that they will have been vaccinated by then.
  3. Shep stepping up a few weight divisions there. I might actually pay to watch that.
  4. Brilliant, can’t wait. What’s on the undercard for that, Bernie Winters v Frank Bough?
  5. Yes but there is also the undercard which is a basketball player fighting some gimp off YouTube. Who the fuck wants to watch that, let alone pay for it? I’m not sure I understand the 21st century.
  6. 90% is still pretty decent. I’m sure I read that the threshold for approval is 50%. Just give the expensive one to high risk people and give the rest of us the cheap one. Renton seems to be pretty knowledgable on this stuff so hopefully he’ll be able to tell us what it all means. Anyway, light at the end of the tunnel, thank fuck.
  7. I’d get the tenderiser out if I was you. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.
  8. You order exactly what you had the previous day, pay for it, and tell the kitchen not to bother with the food. How is that for a mechanism?
  9. ‘Disagreeable’? That’s the sort of comment I’d expect some posh old twat to make about a successful black working class footballer. I can’t be arsed with F1 but I like him. Compared to his peers, a lot of whom were born into vast wealth, he has done it the hard way. He does a lot for other causes (children’s charities etc) and he has used his status to further BLM etc. He is also one of the greatest British Sportsmen of all time and isn’t half as boring as most drivers. However, on the other hand, he wears funny clothes. As for tax dodging, you were all for it the other
  10. Does that make Joelinton ‘The Brazilian McBurnie’ or McBurnie ‘The Scottish Joelinton’?
  11. Parasites, every single one of us!
  12. The people who own second properties take more than their fair share of the housing stock which makes it more difficult, and more expensive, for people to get on the property ladder. I think it is only fair that CGT on property sales is raised to the same level as income tax (and I say this a someone who owns more than one property).
  13. I’m all in favour of VAR. Didn’t we go about a year without winning a penalty a couple of years back? We’ve had a fair few since VAR came in so it seems to even out the dodgy decisions that used to favour the top six.
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