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  1. I’m fairly sure someone on here once took a day off work for transfer deadline day. What a monumental waste of a day off when Mike Ashley owns your club. The thrill of they will he/won’t he saga, for some bang average midfielder who has played a grand total of about 25 mins in the last two years, has me on the edge my seat. What a totally fucking pointless football club we are.
  2. I did wonder the same thing. Your suggestion sounds the most appropriate.
  3. That’s a shame, he was a proper funny fucker. 15 Storeys High was absolutely brilliant.
  4. It was a soft free kick and, apparently, it shouldn’t have stood because of an infringement from the Danish wall. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15526454/denmark-free-kick-wall-goal-england-euro-2020/ I’ve absolutely no idea whether this is the case but, notwithstanding that, it was no less dodgy than the VAR checked penalty that England won.
  5. England edged it (not that that matters in any case), the penalty was soft but it did go to VAR, and the commentators were fucking abysmal.
  6. I think you’re probably talking for the majority of the message board here. From memory, Renton was the only person on here who properly understood the gravity of the situation very early on. Funnily enough, this may have had something to do with the fact that he knows what the fuck he is talking about, unlike the the rest of us gobshites.
  7. I don’t think our midfield got close enough to Gilmour to get infected.
  8. I’m really struggling to get into the euros and that match certainly didn’t help. I think Newcastle may have put me off football for good. As bad as they were, that is a much better result for England as I can’t see Scotland beating Croatia.
  9. Deluded isn’t strong enough. Which company wants to associate themselves with that brand? I haven’t lived in Newcastle since I was a kid, so don’t really know any Sunderland fans but I don’t remember them being that mental. That forum surely can’t be representative of their fans? I had always assumed it was some offshoot of a Combat 18 forum that eventually got their very own football forum.
  10. I watched most of their match yesterday, probably the first time I’ve watched them in 5 or so years. They are supposedly the giants of League One and they still play the awful long ball football that they used stink the Premier League out with for years. I enjoyed our two seasons in The Championship as the standard was so poor that we could batter teams while playing decent football. When those tramps are playing non-league, the football they’ll be playing will still be absolutely lifting. We don’t really have much to shout about but that bunch of BLM booing
  11. You might be playing Wrexham soon, if that’s what you meant?
  12. “Well done, he’s 13.” A line I’ll never tire of hearing. Big Neville knew what a prick he was long before it dawned on the rest of us.
  13. I could only think of Michael Owen. I place more stock in Anne Frank’s opinions on drum kits than I do Michael Owen’s opinions on football (and denim).
  14. They do say dolphins are intelligent creatures.
  15. You have to admire the bloke for sticking to his guns given how easy it is to prove him wrong. Barefaced Billy Bullshitting is a dying art these days thanks to those bastards at Google. Fair play to him for giving it a go.
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