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  1. Apathy FC vs who gives a fuck

    Fucking hell Noelie, I finally find myself agreeing with you. That was fucking shocking. Holding on to a nil nil at home to Brighton - they should just relegate us now.
  2. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Fair point. It was more in the context of Kinnear, Pardew, Carver and McClaren.
  3. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    I don’t think anyone is saying that. Bruce is part of the problem, but the only reason we have someone as mediocre as Bruce is Ashley. I’m fairly sure that everyone is criticising Bruce understands the underlying problem. They don’t have to qualify their criticism in this way every time they make it.
  4. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Do you think that maybe, in hindsight, your previous criticism of Benitez was somewhat misguided?
  5. Transfer gossip 2019/20

    Not sure I see the point of only spending £5m on a full back. That gets you mediocrity (at best) these days. Yedlin and Manquillo also both cost around £5m and are shite. I really hope our scouts have got this one right and he is an improvement on the two donkeys we already have.
  6. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    I’ll be astonished if this takeover happens. Even if it does, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley retains some kind of hold over us (merchandising rights, advertising, land, or whatever). I think the next manager will indicate what he is thinking. New owners won’t want some appalling manager sitting on a long term contract that they have to pay off. Someone shite on a short term caretaker basis then positive signs that he is trying to sell. Someone shite on a long term basis then we are stuck with him until John Sitton relegates us to the conference.
  7. Liverpool Game

    Aye, me too. I can’t believe some people think they still have a chance. Can’t wait to see Messi make the greatest defender the world has ever seen look like Cacapa, once again.
  8. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    In fairness, it’s a really nice top.
  9. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    Because England have pretty much been overrated and mismanaged my entire life. I’m not a a big England fan due to guff it invariably involves. I don’t mind Scotland. However, my best pal is a massive Scotland fan so I do reserve the right to have a good old chuckle at them once in a while. Let’s be honest, Scotland have been pretty much tragic for 20 years.
  10. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    In fairness, Andy Cameron did also sing “And we’ll really shake them up, When we win the World Cup, ‘Cos Scotland is the greatest football team” No mention in there of getting pumped by Peru, or drawing with Iran! At least, in ‘98, Del Amitri had the decency to plead with them “Don’t come home too soon”
  11. United v Soton

    Just watched the full game. He may not be the most technically gifted footballer, but Dummett is a quality defender.
  12. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Are you still pissing your pants about us being relegated? You big fanny.
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    You’ve got to feel a little sorry for them though as they’ve been sold a pup. They’ve been completely stitched up by Farage who has made them look like a total laughing stock.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    I was merely pointing out that the stereotype you mentioned are exactly the self serving types who fed you the bullshit. The sort of bullshit that you bought into when voting to make you and your children worse off, and, at the same time, making these people richer. If you are going to use a stereotype, don’t use the fuckers that got us into this shit in the first place.
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    You are such an insufferable, desperately sad, ill-informed, little man. I went on the March today and it was absolutely packed. It was very good natured and a there was a huge amount of diversity amongst the marchers. Not your average polo crowd, those types generally look like Rees-Mogg, Johnson and Farage, and generally belong to groups like the taxpayers’ alliance (I bet they have a brilliant polo team).

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