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  1. Europe --- In or Out

    You are such an insufferable, desperately sad, ill-informed, little man. I went on the March today and it was absolutely packed. It was very good natured and a there was a huge amount of diversity amongst the marchers. Not your average polo crowd, those types generally look like Rees-Mogg, Johnson and Farage, and generally belong to groups like the taxpayers’ alliance (I bet they have a brilliant polo team).
  2. West Ham vs Newcastle

    Final ball was poor and they defended really well. I thought we were better in the second half though.
  3. West Ham vs Newcastle

    They’ve been a lot better than us.
  4. West Ham vs Newcastle

    Seems like one of those days. Can’t think of anyone who is playing well.
  5. Toon V What Ford 3PM Kick Off St James Park

    Have we had a worse striker in the last 25 years than Joselu? All I can think of is Shefki Kuqi but he was 35 when he joined us and, on balance, I would have still rather have him. I don’t know what type of striker Joselu is supposed to be. Is he a fox in the box, a target man or good at running the channels? He is absolutely appalling in all aspects of his game, I just can’t figure out what he is supposed to be masquerading as.
  6. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    The zero under Newcastle is certainly accurate.
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    That’s great, I look forward to hearing of which laws you don’t like once you think of them. You probably should have thought of them in 2016 before you made your informed choice.
  8. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    The picture of Ian “The Moose” Abrahams is a nice touch.
  9. Watford V Toon

    Decent result. Tough run of games coming up but everyone has to play the top six at some point. So long as we’re still in touch after the Spurs game then we should be ok.
  10. Red Scousers V Toon

    Bit harsh on Stevie Wonder that.
  11. Red Scousers V Toon

    Still, halfway through the season, we are 5 points clear of the relegation spots (effectively 6 given the goal difference) and we have been utter shite. Benitez will do enough to keep us up. Then we’ll be fucking abysmal again next season and the season after and Joselu will still be leading the line.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    I really think no deal is just a bluff. It will never get through Parliament. Fuck knows where we’ll end up, but I’m fairly sure it won't be no deal. It’s down to Labour to be grown ups now. We can take it as read that the Tories will be the self serving cunts they have always been (and always will be), so only Labour can stop this by forcing another referendum. They need to put the country first as we’re running out of time. How anyone, who isn’t either a tax avoider, a racist, or a fucking cretin, can vote Tory after all this, I do not know.
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    She’s the moron’s moron, a proper fucking imbecile.
  14. General Random Conversation..

    If that doesn’t work try elc@bt.com. That is the ‘Executive Level Service Team’. They replied to me after I did something similar to Gemmill (although my e-mail was to the then head of customer service). They sorted out the issue out very quickly and also gave me some dosh in compensation. I had exactly the same problem as you did when trying the normal customer service.
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    Ha, don’t worry. If my job does move to continental Europe, then I’ll go with it. It certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world. Brexit has been a real eye opener for me as I never fully appreciated how many cunts we have in this country. It would be no bad thing to have to leave. People willing to sell their kids future down the river because they don’t like these pesky foreigners coming to our country, paying their taxes, and boosting our economy, even though there are no immigrants where they live. People who hang off every word that Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Farage etc even though these are the sort of wankers who happily put people like CT back in the workhouses. Just look at the pricks espousing a hard Brexit. Does anyone who is not either thick as pigshit, or racist, think that they have your best interests at heart? Rees-Mogg, and his father before him, are disaster capitalists. That in itself should set alarm bells ringing, but it doesn’t as people don’t care just so long as we can tell Johnny Foreigner to get to fuck.

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