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  1. Met the bloke, can confirm he is a twat.
  2. What a tragic statement. I do genuinely back the NUST but what a ridiculous statement. Attendances up, compared to when? How can new advertising in the future contribute to the current profit? "Sources close to the club" is that not one of the most ridiculed statements doing the rounds? For the sake of NUST's success, find the culprit who put that together and take him off writing duties, stories of that standard will land him a nice job at the Chronicle.
  3. Oh right, thanks for that. If anyone else has anymore pearls of wisdom feel free to share, decent apps etc. I must say though it is an amazing phone, far surpasses my expectations.
  4. you could just not save any filth! Hahaha, a phone with no filthy pictures are you mad man?! A lock is my only option. This might be what you're after.... go to #18 "Private Pics" clicky Brilliant that one seems to do the job, thanks for this. It seems weird that such a good phone doesn't have the simple function to lock certain folders.
  5. you could just not save any filth! Hahaha, a phone with no filthy pictures are you mad man?! A lock is my only option.
  6. andy_w_1986

    iphone 3gs

    Now then, just picked up one of these beauties today and ill be damned if i know how to work it. Is there a way to lock certain aspects of the phone, for example photos? I know i can lock the entire phone but it would be nice if there was a way to stop people looking in the files. Maybe there is an App to download to do this job?
  7. Anybody seen this advert on the telly? Just been on during the X-Factor break. Quotes of loads of 'celebs' saying what the Sun means, Shearer chips in "The Sun is to Britain what St James' is to Newcastle". Funny thing to put in an advert i thought, anyway thought some people might be interested to know this big news.
  8. I don't want to patronise you or the rest of NUST as you are doing a good job and must be a bright bunch but when you say pledges in the hundreds of thousands, surely you all know its easy to say "ill give you a hundred grand" but when you ask for it will you ever get it? Its nothing you can control but i'm just wondering if you have adjusted your pledge target to accommodate this? Im sure there must be statistics giving rough percentages of 'empty pledges'. Keep up the good work!
  9. I was under the impression the next F1 release is due in march 2010, possibly named F12010. Not certain but im pretty sure there isnt one coming out any time soon.
  10. The thieves have still got Carlsberg on theirs haven't they? What about Ocean Finance? There is a geordie connection with that woman in the advert telling her son to move his "scoota" Oh aye true...i just thought i read soemthing saying it was prohibited now, i must be wrong. In that case id plump for Carling...havnt they got a big contract with St James already? Everton have Chang as well - some european countires, like France, have a ban so when they play in Europe they have to cover it up Think childrens replica shirts are not allowed alcohol on them so any kids ki
  11. Could anybody enlighten me as to why the tickets are advertised at £31 each yet i got 2 adult tickets (via public sale) and only paid £46? Seems odd to me, perhaps Barry Moat is buttering me up to be the new manager when he takes over at the 'end of the week', watch this space......
  12. Does anybody know what the procedure is if my ticket doesnt arrive on time? I assume i will get it tomorrow or Friday but if not is it simply a case of ringing the box office and them arranging duplicate tickets to pick up at Ipswich?
  13. Well to be fair he never actually said that; http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...f-pop-misquote/ Not like im one to let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  14. i bet u didnt take a pic though I was so shocked at the sight i just froze, i struggled to take a breath never mind a photo!!
  15. Joe Kinnear has just released a statement confirming he is about to take over at Anfield. Kinnear told reporters gathered outside his cardiac clinic "it is true liverpool have approached me to take over from Rafa. It would be a great honour to manage such a well supported club. I had a great experience at Newcastle and under my stewardship we were on a good run but its time to move onwards and upwards."
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