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  1. Igor Tudor

    Will be a class signing imo, won't cost a thing and he is already better then all of our current defenders
  2. Allardyce isn't in...yet

    We are getting and Allardyce/Hitzfeld mangerial pair Jesus wept
  3. Allardyce isn't in...yet

    N-O Overloaded This is good news imo, unless he turns out to be the next souness
  4. Emergency Board Meeting Tomorrow?

    They say Roeder is going to get sacked tommorw I can't wait tbh,even though i am sure it will turn out to be total bollocks from the sun as usuall..
  5. Booing Bramble and Dyer

    I can't blame the fans for booing shit players such as Dyer and Bramble, but what really made it look pathetic is the fact that they cheerd the two who came one (Ameobi and Ramage) Btw,when your manager takes Bramble off and replaces him with Ramage, thats when you know he lost the plot.. I think it came out of frustration more then anything, we are playing the last home game of the season and the players are showing no passion, no desire and no abillty whatsoever, i am suprised some people actually stayed and applauded the players in the lap of honour...
  6. Roeder not worried

    Love the way he dosn't mention Bernard,Rossi,Gooch,Pav He is a shit manager,we are not going anywhere with him in charge and i just hope he gets sacked by the end of the season..
  7. Signing a keeper

    That will be something
  8. Orlando Pirates v Black Leopards

    tbh,since no one got killed,i found it to be more funny the freaky..
  9. STFU

    Well,Thats Roeder...
  10. A legend returns.

    I liked italian Football at the time,i remeber they had 5 or 6 teams with a chance to win the title every season The italian league was legendery at the time,too bad that these days major teams in Italy have trouble beating mid table teams here in England (i.e,like Boro defeated an on form Roma last season,etc..)
  11. A legend returns.

  12. Newcastle - West Ham Player Ratings

    Like watching Steven Carr trying to type..
  13. Newcastle - West Ham Player Ratings

    Given 6 - fair peformence Carr 5 - Horrible from the start,too many missed pass's Ramage 3 - Harewood toyed with him,his injury was the best thing that happend to us today Huntington 7 - Good Peformence was solid and won many balls in the air Solano 7 - Looked good today,solid at the back and a threat upfront Parker 6 - Wasn't at his best,Gave many freekicks to them. Butt 7 - Good peformence,some nice touchs Milner 7 - Scored an importent goal,in fantastic form recently O'Brien 7 - Good use of his pace,Cross's seem better,wouldve had Luque over him but he was decent today Dyer 6 - Didnt show alot,wasn't a threat the West Hams defence Martins 7 - Tryed hard,should scored in the first half Subs: Harper 7 - Always a pleasure to see him play (Liverpool game aside), Good peformence and kept us in it with his good handling of the 1 on 1 situation Edgar 7 - He did a fantastic job,shouldve started instead of ramage today Overall 6 - A home draw against a relegation threatend side,points wasted as ever,and we got lucky finishing with a point
  14. Foot-Shooting.....

    Easy points dropped today.. this is not getting better.. But we got 11 days till our next game,some players might return from injury,and we might buy some players Overall,i am not optimistic about the way we will finish this season..
  15. Roeder Hopeful On Transfer Target

    Our next game is in 11 days 31 january/Lets hope we sign someone before it..Roeder got all the time to make a deal or two,But i am starting to get worried..

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