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  1. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Guardians of the Galaxy Very well cast, some snappy dialogue and plenty of genuine laughs. Action sequences were great fun and the film looked absolutely stunning. Really superb. Unfortunately, the Breakfast Club-esque sob story scene in the middle didn't work at all. Give the characters some back story, don't just have them blurt theirs out in a few lines. Also, what the actual fuck was the point in featuring the Collector so briefly? More importantly - that end credit scene. THAT end credit scene. Appalling. No scene-setting, no teaser for upcoming Guardians or general Marvel films. This was meant to bring us into the next phase and it certainly fell flat, other than to vaguely move towards explaining the macguffins of the previous films.
  2. Cooking

    The wonderful picture on the box inspires you to stick it in a microwave/oven to heat up.
  3. Cock Size

    It's the same length as the distance between a fully extended (oo-er) thumb and forefinger. You just tried it.
  4. Cooking

    That doesn't look inspirational at all.
  5. Commonwealth Games

    I went to school with one of the guys who played for Barbados in the rugby 7s. He was shite at school too.
  6. Cooking

    I'll never understand their popularity. Pair of twats too scared to come up with their own ideas and instead peddling boring recipes to housewives. Also, I have sweet smoked paprika in my kitchen. It's incredible, and most certainly not replicated by adding sugar to paprika.
  7. Holidays 2015

    Off to Switzerland tomorrow. Catch you all in 10 days' time!
  8. Can't login to Google Account

    I can't log back in to my google account. I keep getting directed to a screen saying that my browser doesn't enable cookies (safari). Cookies are enabled and I've just cleared my cache but this hasn't worked either. Google's problem or do I effectively no longer have a google account?
  9. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread

    £11m for Ross McCormack.
  10. Oldham Athletic v Newcastle United

    What a shit piece of writing.
  11. Emmanuel Rivière

    Toon Rivière, offside by a mile No cross for you, change in style someday Oh, dream teamer, your french femur In two years you're going, I'm going your way.
  12. Hope not, that's disgusting.
  13. Cooking

    The body needs salt, correct. The body does not need excess salt. This can be incredibly harmful to your body.
  14. Cooking

    Never use bisto as a thickener. You'll over-season your dish and you'll make everything taste like shit gravy. Also FOUR Oxo cubes and bisto? No wonder you're such a fucking nutter, you're consuming a vast amount of salt in your food.
  15. Can't login to Google Account

    Cheers Ant!
  16. World Cup 2014

    Best player of this World Cup.
  17. Remy Cabella - signs from Montpellier

    New tactic: Cabella floats the ball to the far post and then sprints as fast as he can towards the middle, Willo heads it back across goal for Cabella to nod home.
  18. World Cup 2014

    Best team at the WC and deserved it. Messi aside, Argentina have been poor.
  19. World Cup 2014

    Serves them right for their Falklands banner shenanigans.
  20. Remy Cabella - signs from Montpellier

    Stop the presses!
  21. World Cup 2014

    It must be ingrown too if he thinks chipping the keeper from the 6 yard box is a good idea.
  22. Remy Cabella - signs from Montpellier

    Why sign a player of Ben Arfa's ilk when we never play Ben Arfa? After a season of cameos, Pardew won't play him.
  23. does anyone know anything about cars? bmws in particular

    Never take a car that has no warranty to a dealer. Ever. Learned this when my master cylinder went. It had just had its service, and despite me specifically telling them there was a problem with the clutch, they said there was nowt the matter. The next day clutch broke. Got told by the dealer it'd be £1,500 after a heavy discount, so took it to a local guy who did it - parts and labour for £200. As Ant says - they'll have three or four guys working on it at once and charging an exorbitant amount for labour. They're some of the scummiest twats around who get away with mugging people off who aren't any the wiser.
  24. Remy Cabella - signs from Montpellier

    If we have a manager who won't play Ben Arfa, how is signing Cabella going to be any different? Baffling signing.

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