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  1. World Cup 2014

    Higuain fouling the keeper's knee with his face there.
  2. Can't login to Google Account

    No-one techy knows what's going on? It's a problem with safari - i've had to install and use google fucking chrome. GOOGLE CHROME. It's awful.
  3. World Cup 2014

    The ref is dropping a bollock left right and centre.
  4. Cooking

    If you don't have a name for your chinese dish, I suggest: Sum ting wong.
  5. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa

    He may be training with the first team but the fact that he's ready for first team football is mutually exclusive. We're letting a 1st team CB go, leaving 3 recognised 1st teamers in that position, so he's most likely being tried out so we don't have to focus on bringing in a new player in that position. You contrary twit.
  6. World Cup 2014

    Guy Mowbray doing my nut in. Days to prepare better patter than the crap he's come up with.
  7. Can't login to Google Account

    Works on anything other than my macbook, which is what I use the most. It's a problem with safari but I can't get round it all.
  8. Cooking

    Or as CT will read it: Buy some garlic bread from the shop, place in microwave and give several blasts.
  9. Jack Colback

    Guthrie's been pretty injury-prone. Think he's a bit of a nit off the field, which hasn't helped. Wish we'd held onto him though as he was capable of playing some killer passes. Not quite a starting PL player though but he could still be one if he wants to be.
  10. World Cup 2014

    Come on Germany!
  11. World Cup 2014

    Ever since Motson started inexplicably saying "Nuno Gomezsh", this nitwit commentator has refused to pronounce any players' name properly.
  12. World Cup 2014

    Reminds me of the last WC when the germans humped us 5-1. My Dad had Muller in his fantasy football team so was up screaming "GIVE IT TO MULLER" when they were several goals to the good. More goals in the German side I reckon.
  13. World Cup 2014

    Still better than Chiles.
  14. World Cup 2014

    It's like playing Fifa on beginner. Wow.
  15. World Cup 2014

    Understandable when you have such an average starting 11 playing. Neymar or no Neymar, they've been crap so far this tournament.
  16. World Cup 2014

    Make it stop.
  17. World Cup 2014

    This was always going to happen. Shame Klose is now the record holder for most goals in the WC latter stages.
  18. He's a great player, but in the position Pards plays him, he's shite.
  19. Tim Krul

    Shame he can't save penalties for us.
  20. World Cup 2014

  21. World Cup 2014

    This is insane!
  22. World Cup 2014

    Cheating bastard.
  23. World Cup 2014

    Heart in mouth stuff for the Argies!
  24. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread

    Don't worry, Pardew would soon deal with that pesky confidence.
  25. Cooking

    I want to taste the citrus, not garlic!

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