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  1. Mugrighter's powers are returning. Great news to see you're making a speedy recovery, Stevie.
  2. Nailed on to score against us - probably why they're signing him.
  3. Remember the first time i saw him act 'seriously' (One Hour Photo) as opposed to a comedic role and was blown away. Very talented actor and this one is a very sad loss. RIP.
  4. Shouldn't have been stupid enough to field an ineligible player.
  5. Restaurant in Islington, The Olive Tree is run by a massive greek woman who makes her own greek yoghurt. Pairs it with homemade lemon curd for a pudding, which is insanely good.
  6. One of those latter lasses lent me the dvd. The way they go on about it at work, you'd think it's a modern day Lion King. It aint.
  7. Lemon drizzle with rosemary is where it's at.
  8. Frozen. Absolutely cannot see what all the fuss is about.
  9. Had to see what the fuss was. So-so. Bit too weird having aromatic duck on a pizza. The lass had a caramelised pear & gorgonzola pizza that was awesome.
  10. I had a crispy duck pizza at a microbrewery restaurant on monday.
  11. Anyone seen this Deadpool movie teaser? Made my eyes bleed. Then the fuckers 4th-walled me to make it even worse.
  12. Walking around squinting and acting confused? (The man always looks like someone who has absent-mindedly wandered onto a film set and just gone along with it.) Wishing you all the best Stevie, I hope the operation goes well and will keep everything crossed for you.
  13. Maybe they made sure the end credit scene was that shit on purpose to keep fan theories going crazy.
  14. It was more the director thinking "oh shit, we actually know fuck all about these characters - better put some back story in" and then having a quick Breakfast Club-style roundup halfway through a film that is essentially all focussed on action. Also, the almost-romance between Starlord and Gamora was so hastily and unnecessarily done everyone lost interest in it. Enjoyable film from a brainless superhero action movie point of view, but they shouldn't have given it to someone whose only other significant credit is Super. This makes me worry even more about the cornettoless Ant Man bein
  15. Doesn't seem like Ben Arfa is the one being unprofessional.
  16. Shouldn't have hit that bloody shot so hard.
  17. You're not meant to put it in her nostril, like. Don't think my lass would be keen if I asked for a nose job.
  18. Went overboard with the paprika. Not enough salt. Off my game at the moment.
  19. Going to make some salmon tagliatelle. Pesto, creme fraiche and sweet smoked paprika, for CT's sake.
  20. Guardians of the Galaxy Very well cast, some snappy dialogue and plenty of genuine laughs. Action sequences were great fun and the film looked absolutely stunning. Really superb. Unfortunately, the Breakfast Club-esque sob story scene in the middle didn't work at all. Give the characters some back story, don't just have them blurt theirs out in a few lines. Also, what the actual fuck was the point in featuring the Collector so briefly? More importantly - that end credit scene. THAT end credit scene. Appalling. No scene-setting, no teaser for upcoming Guardians or general Marv
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