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  1. Caulkin has just said on Twatter that we turned down a loan move for Saylor from Celtic. As much as he's a prize cunt got to do what's best for us and we need the numbers.
  2. I liked him in the WC but at club level he's a bit erm average. Scored 50 in 155 and 10 of them were in Ghana so they were probably like playing the northern league. Could be a typical post world cup buy.
  3. your taking the piss aren't you It's like they just listed all his ex clubs and made it fact. Yeah thought the same, but honestly not taking the piss. Almost spat my tea out when David Craig came out with it like. Not too sure about the wisdom of it but, if anything happens pay as you play makes sense.
  4. SSN linking Smoggies, Leeds and us with Viduka on a pay as you play deal!
  5. The bloke's just gone up in my opinion. That took some nads that like, most would have hidden behind solicitors and let them sort it all
  6. Steve Foster! I couldn't stand him like. David Speedie will always boil my piss and in the same bracket as these two was always a certain Mr D Wise.
  7. To be honest is there much wrong with that? For once she seems to be singing more or less from the same hymn sheet as us. The quotes are genuine and from people with a real interest and stake. Unfortunately she's just about spot on this time, not sure the current lot will be pleased barton only got 6 games mind.
  8. As well as all this, didn't Zoggy actually sign his latest deal under the stewardship of Ashley? One can detect the feignt aroma of a gurnard eminating from this story
  9. Jesus! He's missed tht by a mile hasn't he? He closed his eyes! He's just taken an elbow to the stotts for his team though... ...you can forgive the lad for whincing
  10. I'm a teacher, I work in my job because I love it. i could earn more in another profession but, I dont think I could get out of bed if I didn't love my job. I think the answers will depend on the job people do.
  11. it's ace, trilogy Not sure i can be arsed to read a trilogy like The film is pretty good too but for those who can't read you're still fucked cos it's subtitled. Really though, I like the film.
  12. it's an as yet unspecified role but that quote could quite easily be applied to Shearer too (the Dublin incident + Bellamy). i'm interested to here the story behind this and wonder what it means for Shearer. I think, I hope that it means he wont be coming here until he's had a crack of the whip elsewhere. I've no idea if it will be a good move or not, he's certainly got experience and seems to be a winning character with a lot of determination. Besides he's a bit of a hate figure too, so hopefully this will just help us close ranks and done the teflon suit so none of the shit the tabloids
  13. Milan's canny, the town where the airport is (Bergamo) is lush, but not for your lads weekend - take your lass some other time. Brussels is far from being the most boring place on earth it's a class city, you could travel to Antwep or Ghent for a change, it's not far. What about Poland? Some cracking places there. We went to this shitty little backwater called Szczecin a year ago, nowt to do but drink. It was a cracking unknown place we only saw one othe english person. But there are loads of other cool (beter) citys
  14. That's too mouch like our old school shirts, i'd be mocked for eternity for wearing that
  15. What about he geordie mouse off the creature comforts thing? it's on youtube
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