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  1. Colo is not in the squad according to BBC and the Journal.....wtf
  2. Why? Im quite happy with barton and butt or barton and guthrie Can he play CB? He`d do a better job than Cacapa :razz If we`re chasing a game it would be nice to have an attacking midfielder/creative on the bench rather than bringing on Butt or Guthrie. Hope the lad gets a chance if/when fit
  3. I think Gonzalez is back from injury. JFK said a while back that he was in contention for the squad for the Man City game (obviously that didn`t happen) and there were a recent pic of him in training when Jonas had just recovered from injury.......if he`s not injured then JFK doesn`t rate the lad/give him a chance
  4. where did you read that? according to the Sunday Sun the other week he was supposed to have recovered from injury and been back for the City game. Either he`s injured again or JFK doesn`t rate him enough to put him in the squad http://icnewcastle.icnetwork.co.uk/newcast...-name_page.html
  5. rumour in manchester is that its Silvestre
  6. He was canny but I don't think he was ever considered a top international player! He did have 35 caps for Portugal and was one of their 'Golden Generation' players and played at Euro 96. It was only the horrendous injury that he had that stopped him from getting more. Was disappointed when we didn't sign that lad. Looked solid at the back in the games he played for us.
  7. according to Sky Sports So who do you want to see in goal? Pav? Krul? Harper?
  8. Agree about the German league, pretty good to watch too but never gets the publicity/credibility it deserves IMO. The Argie league is good, bit slow though and if people think the atmosphore of the EPL is 'the greatest in the world' (which is utter nonsense) then they haven't seen some of the South American leagues. The Argies fans are complete nutters though Would love to see a Boca Juniors vs River Plate game in the Bombanera
  9. If you put it that way ,outside of our big top 3 or 4 our league is equally as shit. Ffs Bolton , Portsmouth and Reading and co competing for a Champ league place, Tottenham and Blackburn narrowly missing out on a Champ league place last season. and in recent seasons european minnows beating Everton, Spurs etc...we got knocked out by Troyes (who are nobodys) in the intertwobob cup!! what does that say about our so called 'greatest league in the world' then? The EPL is overrated
  10. Dyer was virtually anonymous all game (as he was against Birmingham). Don't see why some of youse are giving the bloke a rating of 6 and 7+, maybe a 2 at best
  11. 100% agree. Every time his name is mentioned they always use the words 'best natural finisher' that they've ever seen Garbage
  12. Much better than Zola, had Signori played in the Premiership, he'd have scored a truck load, Shevchenko = poor man's Signori, more like. I used to love watching Serie A in them days, the matches were often boring but the big stars always shone like Signori, Batistuta, Baggio, that AC Milan team was awesome, Inter had that Uruguayan, with the white boots, jesus forgot his name, he was a class player though, Balbo I liked him for Roma, I even remember Lazio winning 8-3 once in a crazy game, great saturday morning telly with the legend that is James Richardson, then on sunday the big match an
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