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  1. The Friday night thread !

    well whats everyone upto tonight then? Me? its the staff summer party so we're all off to get ratted. the itinery has been done by Jeeves cos hes so organised (personally I hate making lists as its so boring I prefer to be spontaneous). Anyways heres where we're going... 7.00 http://www.goonline.com.au/ 7.30 http://www.kellsirish.com/ 8.30 http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/home_feat_local_soho.asp 9.30 http://www.restaurant-guide.com/details/de...73,201&cuiID=43 10.47 (hes feckin Anal that Jeeves!) http://www.930.com/fs.php?x=1024&ba=MOZILLA&bv=5.0&bp=Win Then after some of the lads want to go to http://www.stringfellows.com/split/index.htm but that bloody WWWomen.com birds coming along (I reckon shes a dyke like, nowt to do with the fact she bombed me out or anything obviously). Trouble is feckin altavista's tagging along and he gets well lairy after a few.
  2. I hate my job

    Dont tell anyone but the Altavista bot likes to surf ladies underwear sites and as for Yahoobot.co.uk well lets just say *tips hand in drinking motion in front of mouth* Dont even get me started on that wanker MSN.bot
  3. I hate my job

    she spoke to me 16044[/snapback] Have a word with yourself, Clive!! 16049[/snapback] she said my name
  4. How bizarre

    I found this on them... http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%22coogan...:en-US:official
  5. I hate my job

    she spoke to me
  6. I hate my job

    it means blah blah blah What about torquay fans then? 16025[/snapback] Dunno, cant find any, only been doing this job for 3 years.
  7. I hate my job

    I wasnt before but after spending hours browsing forums on here noting peoples views and keywords then Im really warming to you lot. Chelsea fans just talk about money, money, vodka Spurs just want to know where to find sunglasses and as for makems all I ever bookmark is 2-1 FTM ??? whats that mean?
  8. I hate my job

    All day long surfing through websites monotonously making notes about links etc, dont tell anyone right but secretly I've been spending hours on here when I should be logging details of bignobs.com and stationerysuppliesltd. Hopefully me boss won't notice.
  9. Hi there

    I've been a lurker for a while now, well the job means I have to spend a fair bit of time surfing the net. Anyways just wanted to say hi, my names Clive and I think you're all really nice people especially that Catmag, shes lovely..

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