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  1. no, hughton is planning on playing a dead player sometime this season. Better than Butt? :D
  2. There is something very suspicious about this deal. I bet we find out he's been playing for another club or summat... maybe vetere made some pocket money with that deal!!???
  3. when you look at this from financial point of view is good but when you think about that the newcastle board and the newcastle managerial stuff thinks that Nicky Butt can still play at this level is slightly to say worrying. im not saying he is going to be regular next season but still... imo he has been the poorest player for us this season. as far as i remember he has conceded at least 3 penalties against us and also the freek kick that led to the richardson wining goal against the scum.
  4. the extention of Butt's contract means that we actually signed a 34 years old midfielder who can barely walk. that means that we rely on old i mean really old players and this shit about not buying older players is just stupid. nicky fucking butt is the right example of that.
  5. true professional and great character. hope he is back soon. maybe alongside Kineear
  6. £80,000-per-week??!!!! that cant be true... £ 3 840 000 a season??? i dont think he deserves that kind of money at all. let him go
  7. нещо не можах да те разбера?! dirty mackem=мръсен макъм
  8. Why can't you adopt the same attidude to other "out of towners" who feel the same pain and passion to Newcaslte United ???? Most of them are 94-98 boys though if you're honest. Where as these lads clearly were all behind the toon in the Jim Smith era. you are probably right that obviosly none of us were newcastle fans before the 90's. but you must agree that alot of newcastle supporters especially the one which are abroad became newcastle fans during the keegan's era. thats the case with me also. one of the first newcastle games i watched was at the famous 95/96 season
  9. Berbatov was really big toon fan and especially big Shearer fan. Its funny but i played against his brother Asen when i was at my youth club but he was never the same class as his big brother. also i dont think that the region from where Berbatov is(Blagoevgrad)there are alot of newcastle fans sadly the most fans of english football are supporting liverpool,man utd and arsenal.there are also alot of chelsea fans but they are glory hunters because they are fans after the Abramovich era. its pitty that newcastle dont have enough fan base in bulgaria because they are really big club i
  10. lets hope he will develop well in the next couple of years. obviously he has the talent. the point is can he develop his talent enough to be premiership player.
  11. Personally i dont know a guy with that name Maybe he just dont know about us yet.
  12. http://www.jjmurphys.com/ just a guess like Aye On Sunday we are there to watch the Everton game. Hopefully we will have something to cheer about.
  13. first we created the site and the forum and after that slowly we started to talk about meetings and stuff like that. the most of the guys who support newcastle are from the capital of Bulgaria=Sofia,including me also. Now the site and the forum is starting to become more and more famous and we hope that we can attract more supporters. Also we are thinking about creating official Newcastle United Supporters Fan Club but its still early to tell. We just hope that the club can go in the right direction and to be where it was 4-5 years ago with SBR. Personally i think that we m
  14. Its tough times to be a Newcastle United supporter. But the true fans are with their beloved team always and forever. Even though in Bulgaria the biggest fan base is from Liverpool,Man Utd,Arsenal and Chelsea(no big surprise) we are the Newcastle United Supporters from Buglaria and we have the following message for you guys: -Do you remember the Keegan Days??? -Do you remember the SBR Days??? -Do you remember the Champions league Days??? We are sure that one day they'll be back... We just need to support our team. HOWAY THE LADS KEEP THE FAITH
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