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  1. Sadly I am becoming more and more underwhelmed by Starmer He's as shit at taking advantage of the open goals as Corbyn was.
  2. These are actually cooked in batter - but must be a VERY fine mix, you can hardly see it - but the taste !!!!!!!!!
  3. TGI Frydays in Seghill is a tremendous chippy. They do battered chips (I know, I know, but bear with me) these aren't caked in batter, it's like a light dusting, they look more seasoned than battered and they are amazing - taste like chips used to taste like in me yoof (when all was done in beef dripping, none of your veggie oil shite). Portion sizes are bloody ridiculously large an all.
  4. Craters are cruel bastards IMO Free the Gemmill Pooch
  5. Our first dog, black Lab, I created a removable drop down/slot in barrier at kitchen doorway to keep her there overnight, she howled the place down first few nights then as if by magic there was silence, we thought thank fuck for that she's settled. Came out of bedroom next morning and she was asleep on the landing curled up on some dirty laundry. After that she just came in with us, as has every dog since, and she had the decency until fully trained to go into the bathroom and do her toilet on the tiles.
  6. Separation anxiety, never crated a dog, they all have slept in our room since day 1, early days that was in a big box with their blanket/bed. Mind you it is one hell of a lot easier dealing with a pup when there's an older dog in the house - incredible how much an older dog trains the pup.
  7. I have several colleagues in Houston who still have had no power since Sunday overnight, some places have "boil water" directives in place and ain't got gas or leccy to boil it with !!! Everything's bigger in Texas even the power cuts !!!
  8. The BBC shouldn’t fall for it tbh
  9. I bow to your link. Hmmm read it on BBC website this a.m. just checked article back and they've changed it to half the state's wind farms knackered. Lad at work said same wrong stat was mentioned on R4 this a.m.
  10. They can huddle round their Ak47's
  11. No doubt Biden'll be getting the blame and Q will be spinning yet more conspiracies but 2 inches of snow in Texas and the place is fucked. My yank colleagues in Houston around 50% of them without any power since Sunday night and no sign of any of them back online last night (US time) Richest country in the world and can't keep the lights on !!!!! over 50% of Texas leccy comes from wind farms and solar evidently and it's all frozen up/knackered
  12. That's not exactly it, from 2:04 on that the words come in, on TV intro starts with the words and much less orchestral and voice way higher in the mix
  13. Regarding pitches, given home conditions are an advantage in themselves I would get rid of the toss and have visiting team have opening option every test. Would encourage pitches being prepared to last 5 days. Foakes should definitely play, how many runs does his fantastic glovework save (compared to others) I wonder. Was stat on twitter earlier today on stumpings: Foakes (6 tests) Made 5 Missed 1 Buttler (50 tests) Made 1 missed 5
  14. Sadly not, but it has the line "facing tempests of dust" WTF is a tempest of dust ??? It is truly awesomely bad as opening credits go, show itself is OK.
  15. Watching Versailles - canny costume drama (excellent costumes/sets tbh) about Louis XIV all court politics, plotting and intrigue, enjoying it so far and it does have a thread of historical accuracy running through it. BUT - it has the absolute shittest opening credits and "song" which do not fit in any way with what you expect to watch (the song is so fucking bad it's funny) - If you do nothing else give it a watch (the start of an episode) as would like to hear other's views on the shite bit
  16. He’s right more often than Gemmill tbh
  17. Comes in small cans containing quarter of a pint (aka a gill)
  18. No doubt, but it's not acoustic and he has spider fingers
  19. It's a nothing based nothing show pretending to be about food and travel. (and he's annoying as fuck) You'd expect a little bit more about the food rather than ooooh it's great, rinse and repeat, whilst he's sat with a pair of local chicks.
  20. I didn't even get 1st episode finished, Brazil I think - ooooh isn't that a great view, ooooh isn't that view even better, This is a local delicacy ooooh that tastes great, this is another local delicacy ooooh that tastes even greater etc etc I did like Schitt's Creek mind, got better as it went along, first couple of episodes pretty meh though.
  21. Not quite acoustic and his giant spider leg fingers are cheating
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