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  1. I haven't posted here for years but I'm gald to see everyone's still jumping down each others' throats rather than raising their points eloquently LIKE A FUCKING BOSS. I'd love, just once, to jump to last page of any one of these threads and actually see the topic still being discussed rather than a load of shit hoying going on. But hey, what do i know eh.
  2. This would be the first signing in a while I'd be genuinely excited about. If we can get him, great signing.
  3. Sell him. Christ, 30 mil? No brainer. BBC Sports is saying: Tottenham will attempt to persuade Newcastle United to sell their young striker Andy Carroll by offering forward Robbie Keane, winger David Bentley and midfielder Niko Kranjcar or a straight cash offer of around £22m. Full story: caughtoffside
  4. Glen


    Hope this is bollocks like.
  5. Glen

    James Perch

    May I just add this to the thread... Jesus. Christ.
  6. And he brought us up to the Premiership. Just like Shearer will next year.
  7. I honestly believe that we will get relegated and Shearer will bring us back up. KEEGAN STYLE.
  8. The Comedy Upstairs Downstairs on Coventry Street, opposite Mamma Mia!, Piccadilly Circus.
  9. I think staying up is main priority right now.
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