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  1. I haven't posted here for years but I'm gald to see everyone's still jumping down each others' throats rather than raising their points eloquently LIKE A FUCKING BOSS. I'd love, just once, to jump to last page of any one of these threads and actually see the topic still being discussed rather than a load of shit hoying going on. But hey, what do i know eh.
  2. This would be the first signing in a while I'd be genuinely excited about. If we can get him, great signing.
  3. Spurs to bid 30mil for Carroll

    Sell him. Christ, 30 mil? No brainer. BBC Sports is saying: Tottenham will attempt to persuade Newcastle United to sell their young striker Andy Carroll by offering forward Robbie Keane, winger David Bentley and midfielder Niko Kranjcar or a straight cash offer of around £22m. Full story: caughtoffside
  4. Guthrie

    Hope this is bollocks like.
  5. As the door slams shut....CALM DOWN!

    VDV is incredible. End of.
  6. Newcastle Player Game.

    I'm in.
  7. James Perch

    May I just add this to the thread... Jesus. Christ.
  8. How shit is Colocinni?

  9. Harper's made some cracking saves.
  11. And he brought us up to the Premiership. Just like Shearer will next year.
  12. I honestly believe that we will get relegated and Shearer will bring us back up. KEEGAN STYLE.
  13. Foster in the clear after using iPod

    Steele is a brilliant coach too.
  14. man u game

    The Comedy Upstairs Downstairs on Coventry Street, opposite Mamma Mia!, Piccadilly Circus.
  15. Ash to splash cash if sale hopes dashed?

    I think staying up is main priority right now.

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