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  1. Anals "story" in the Chroni

    It's amazing what passes for journalism these days....
  2. New Shola chant.

    45052[/snapback] Like it. Got to say my favourite one was the one I heard on the train home after the Man Citeh game about Amdy Faye..... Amdy Faye! Amdy Faye! Amdy Amdy Faye! He gets the ball and does f*** all Amdy Amdy Faye! As we were on the train and bairns were about though, the 'F888 all' was blank, which made it even funnier.....even if Amdy Faye is no laughing matter.....
  3. Player of the Season, West Ham (h)

    1 Taylor 2 Parker 3 Boum
  4. Lee Dixon....

    F*ckin' hell, worst pundit ever? Fallin' asleep...... Shame that the MOTD highligts didn't show Carr and Baba being absolutely hopeless at DEFENDING (y'know, the positions they supposedly play?) Honestly, what's the point in having players who play as average wingers at full back if they can't be arsed holding formation or getting back into position when they're out of it? Never mind opportunities missed, it could have been a lot worse..... After so long being duped into thinking that all we needed was a centreback (both superb today, AGAIN), it turns out that our full backs, are in fact, a bit s#!t 'n'all.
  5. Luque to be unveiled this afternoon?

    I agree - it's clear that Viana isn't going to play for us, EVER. But we're talking about the Pie-man here, and on present form, I can't see it happening. Ameobi in Spain would be pretty funny!
  6. Fook

    Goldman, have just noticed from your Bond picture that Goldeneye bears an uncanny resemblance to FFS.....deliberate on your part? Does that mean Doug Hall is Oddjob?
  7. Luque to be unveiled this afternoon?

    In that case, it sounds more like Shola (or someone else....?) being the makeweight, considering how arsey we've been about the Viana asking price.
  8. Darren Ambrose

    A big hairy one, about the size of a cricket ball. I honestly think that whilst the majority talk about JJ being a future England certainty, we've actually let the real deal slip through the net.....
  9. Luque to be unveiled this afternoon?

    That would be ace! They'll take Viana, surely?

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