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  1. Newcastle Supporters/ Dissertation

    Hmm, well I also work in a call centre, spooky eh?
  2. Newcastle Supporters/ Dissertation

    what? That guy is an imposter, a doppelganger I tell thee...
  3. Newcastle Supporters/ Dissertation

    Just posting to give this a shunt in the hope of picking up a few more interested personnel. Cheers to those who got in touch. ps, Noel, by the time i've had a good think about the etymology of the word "tenure", I'll have doubtless forgotten to post the tickets out, sorry bout that. And yeah, I'm in the west end at the minute.
  4. Newcastle Supporters/ Dissertation

    "Tenure" is an interesting word for it! I'll think about it...
  5. Newcastle Supporters/ Dissertation

    Good thinking, cheers. FYEO won't let me use a tape recorder on the premises so thats a non-starter, dunno why...shame.
  6. Newcastle Supporters/ Dissertation

    I'll bear that in mind!
  7. Skysports News leaving Freeview

    P2P programs like TVAnts are pretty amazing (so I've heard!), provided you can handle vhs style quality, korean commentary and watching on a pc. Interesting case legally, not illegal, but "extra-legal", so I've been led to believe. Watching the match live on saturday 3pm is fun, although I have mixed feelings about this, tradition et al. Anything beats lining the pockets of purveyors of such "quality" programming ass The O'Reilly factor though. It's a minefield out there, especially when you're a liberal hippy douche...
  8. Dear All, I am a final year sociology student at Newcastle University and have chosen to write my dissertation on the experiences of Newcastle United supporters. As part of this, I am looking to interview a handful of Newcstle supporters who have been attending matches since at least the late 1980's/ early 1990's, as what I want to find out about is how being a Newcastle United supporter has changed over time, if indeed it has. The interviews are expected to last 45 mins to an hour and would preferably take place in a town centre pub at a relatively quiet time, although these details are not inflexible. I am hoping to conduct the interviews over the next 3-4 weeks if possible. If you yourself are interested in taking part, or know anyone that might be, I would be hugely appreciative if you could contact me at the e-mail address below. There's a pint or equivalent in it for anyone who agrees to be interviewed! Many thanks, Lee Burns L.J.Burns@ncl.ac.uk

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