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  1. A job with good pay cos at the end of the day you work for the money so whatever gives you the most is the best
  2. mines was fucked earlier but its sound now
  3. None taken lol At least Celtic are allowed to play in England when Rangers aren't allowed to play Bolton in a friendly beacuse the police fear for peoples safety
  4. Nakamura_25


    what do you call a Man Utd fan in a college? Janitor
  5. Cheers mate Nakas a class player only downside is he's a bit lightweight but hes working on that. He's won a few games for us on his own this season and we're lucky to have him just now
  6. Terry Ferdinand Woodgate Carragher Nobody else really stands out
  7. Celtic Liverpool are copying bastards lol
  8. Awryt guys Am a Celtic fan from Glasgow but always had a soft spot for Newcastle as my english team. Just here to talk about football n get to no more about NUFC. BTW Martins is different class
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