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  1. I just like the word twatboy, good stuff Gemmill. He deserved it, he's an idiot. Nuff said from me.
  2. If I was Souness I would because by default I'd be a fucking idiot!
  3. I'm sure your right hand could give a few options...
  4. I think Faye shouldn't be given all the blame, Stephen Carr is just as gruesome wherever he plays.
  5. Fat Cheeks is out 270-2, and Martyns just edged it but it wasn't given...FS!
  6. Beer + Religion = Racism (FACT!)
  7. Owen should start a petition, because that would work.
  8. Get Sven in! He could do a job, mastermind also...
  9. I don't think that's the reason, I just think he is generally that shit.
  10. Yes, because Carrick hasn't had a justifiable chance, Sinclair was good for a few games at LW, Jenas plays well for England for some reason. And Dyer and Gerrard are very much first 15 players.
  11. No. Well, then to everyone saying Gerrard isn't a DM, play Parker he's perfick.
  12. 301-7, not bad, not that good though...
  13. Unproffesionalism is surely the best thing for pundits. Otherwise you get top3 tonge arsing bummers like Andy Gray...viva la resistance, Redknapp, Dowie and Ian Wright !!! Hargreaves is dreadful, the problem is he will play again with Sven as manager. 4-4-2 should be played no matter what. Even without Owen, we could of used Defoe or Heskey FFS! Beckham can't play DM, it should be Parker or Gerrard.
  14. He can wear the No. 9 all he wants, £10 at the club shop, who knows he might get shearer on the back.
  15. I spent hours on this when it was first on flashplayer
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