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  1. I have ended up with a spare ticket. If anyone knows anyone who still needs one then PM me. Cheers.
  2. Just got direct flights with TAP Heathrow Lisbon. Under £250. There are flights for cheaper with stopovers in Madrid. Check skyscanner.
  3. Louise Taylor in the Guardian. the one who also nicknamed cabaye 'dreamboat' and can't stop eulogising over Santon.
  4. so was Fulham, just after we sold Carroll, ameobi got injured, shit atmosphere, duff scores, we lost.
  5. Where are people drinking before/after the match? 8 bells or The Temperance.
  6. this lot who just beat Spurs 4-0? when i got my ticket before Christmas i thought we did, now I don't. Murphy seems to be back on form and what he will do to a Tiote free midfield is scary.
  7. i think the eight bells is the name of the place people were in last time. first pub out of putney bridge tube.
  8. His name's Joey Barton and he, loves the toon. Everyone needs a nutter in the middle, everyone needs a nutter. Highlight of last Saturday...
  9. it's a shit version of Peterborough, even down to the shit walk to the stadium from the train station.
  10. their danger player is silva. if we can keep him quiet then they rely on defensive midfielders like tore for their attaching intent.
  11. Honestly it doesn't, because INUSA (to my knowledge) never had 1500 paying members plus tens of thousands of email subscribers, 11'000 + people following it on various social network sites. It never had the level of infrastructure and local governmental support that the Trust has (including an MP on the board). it was, to be frank (no pun intended) one man and his son trying to do something when nobody else seemed bothered. Unfortunately due to it lacking all of the above INUSA was never in a position to do anything other than be a convenient mouthpiece for the press which, to be fair to F
  12. 0-1 at the Emirates. Tactically disciplined and a high level performance from every Newcastle player.
  13. Fuck me. Have you ever used a punctuation mark? it will make your point, which is in there somewhere, understood by more people.
  14. have to hope they don't read the world cup thread on here before they consider the takeover...
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