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  1. Wouldn't pay any more than £7m at most for him though.
  2. Dont Ziegler and Edman also play at LB for them?
  3. Yeah, he'd be another amazing signing for us , i can see us getting him over spurs. Wonder how much chelsea will want if their willing to do business?
  4. I was convinced he came in to the game pissed the way he was moving around the pitch until he came off injured. Pisses me off when he says he's fit when he blatently isn't, it just ruins the game plan.
  5. He still ended up on 35-40k aswell, didn't he? 26511[/snapback] I heard that after they sold fowler to the mancs part of the contract involved them paying a large percentage of his wages! Even we would struggle to do a Leeds. I think FF is far more sensble with his financial management and would never put the club at that kind of risk.
  6. I would not rule that out. Real sign £18.5m defender Ramos 26192[/snapback] Was going to say that, it wouldnt surprise me. 26195[/snapback] That would be a great loan deal if it did happen. But i think our main priorities in Jan should be: A Left Back, i would love to see Wayne Bridge if chelsea are willing to sell. Can't remember how much they paid but i'd reckon he'd cost around £6m like Parker. I can't see why Bernard can't come back, we desperatly need someone in, and as he's a still a free agent it would be another brilliant signing for us. Im sure he's le
  7. If Babayaro gets injured then Ramage should be given a go at LB, im sure he's more capable than Elliott. Otherwise I can't see the lad ever getting a chance.
  8. He looks like a Mr. T who had his head flushed down the toilet. 25064[/snapback] Looks like R.Kelly likes to dress up as Mr.T in his spare time, shame they only do blond mowhawk wigs though...
  9. wish we were signing some more squad players mind. no signs of a left back coming yet I see or another striker 25053[/snapback] I don't think Souness wants or needs anymore squad players TBH. He's just looking to bring in better quality than what we already have and all credit to him, theres no point buying a couple Andy O'Briens for the sake of making up the numbers. What we need is a quality LB, RB and RW and perhaps another Striker (would of went for Keane personally in the JJ deal). I'd be over the moon if we managed to bring back nobby for straight cash.
  10. Boy, looks like Cisse has some competition for the premierships most stupid look 05/06 with the return of the master..... Yikes!
  11. I dont see any reason why he will get better just because he is at spurs. If he ever does fulfill his potential then he will be a decent player, but with his performances with us over the years he looks weak in too many areas for this to happen until he's at least in his late 20's. Its not worth the wait IMO and i dont think he'll get there in his spurs career. At £7m its good business, although i dont like the three year installments, but at least we will get the money in the end, and put it towards a better player.
  12. I don't think getting rid of either will make much difference. But i'd go for Shepard over Souness as losing a manager again will knock us back even further, and who exactly is gonna come in? It will probably be either Shearer or O'Leiry and they will not be able to change things anymore than Souness. Yes, we have gone backwards since Souness came in, but I feel that had Bobby stayed we would of finished no higher than we did. The squad he built was unbalanced and on the demise for some time. Im am glad to see the backs of players like Robert, O'Brien, and Bellamy who were taking the club
  13. Whats this guys name? Have you got any info on him?
  14. I can't say im too bothered about Owen wanting to go to Liverpool, if we get him here permanently and play to our potential then he'll grow to love the club. Whereas if we play shit then any good player will want to leave after a season or two, whether its Owen or Kuyt .
  15. Could Kezman have proved to be good if he played week in week out, in fairness Drogba was poor last season and Crespo the year before. 19139[/snapback] Perhaps it was just low confidence with the lack of games, but in the games he did play he did'nt look anywhere near as good as he was at PSV, thats all.
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