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  1. The Fulham Game

    we need to stop changing play to "combat" the opposition and concentrate on our game. (ala Keegan days) If we get the ball on the ground and get some movement we should be OK. There was nowt more frustrating than seeing Boum at the ManUre game imploring players to give him options as they stood like statues.
  2. Jim White

    You mean 'make some noise' Alan Robson!! Annoying cnut! He had the Most Haunted 'gig' before Yvette Fielding irrc. Oh, and as he's ginga, Toonraider must have the hots for him 25584[/snapback] How did Jim Knight get the job? Today seemed to be a SKY Sports production. No one puts on a show like Newcastle United. (Indeed, the NE press guys are all worried that if the unthinkable happened and we ended up relegated the London Sports Desks would pull their NE based staff as they are never interested in whats doing down in Scumderland and Smogsville.)
  3. JJ Appreciation Thread

    dunno why it went wrong for Jenas here. He just stood still and never progressed as Bobby said he would. from what I understand after being a quiet lad he did join the BLING crew and from then he just stopped progressing. His head was turned on the USA England tour with tales of more money (he's not on a fraction of what BLING KING Dyer is on) and decided it was time to move on. He may do well at Spurs and I dont begrudge him it. It's sad in a way that Bobby's dream of young achievers isn't going to happen, especially with the loan of Milner tonight, Souness has a different mentality prefering "real players" in their mid-20s - well see where it gets us!
  4. Competition time folks!

    Ladies...tonights excuse is.......drum roll....................................... LADY LUCK! GRAEME Souness was once again left bemoaning the lack of a cutting edge in his team following Wednesday's 2-0 defeat by Bolton at the Reebok Stadium. Trotters goalkeeper Jussi Jaaskelainen hardly had a save to make all night as goals from El Hadji Diouf and Stelios gave Bolton their first win of the season. Souness told Newcastle World TV: "We started the game well enough, and matched them with he battling qualities that you have to show when you come here. "They got the goal just before half time, but there was nothing between the two teams before that point. "The second goal killed us. Having looked at the replay for ther second goal it was offside. "That's how your luck goes sometimes, it was a good time for them but it was a bad time for us. "They haven't caused us too many problems. They launched a lot of balls into the box which you have to be big and strong to deal with. "We did for the largest part, but the one just before half time, obviously we didn't deal with. "The second goal was a killer. At 1-0 we are still in the game, but the second goal killed us off. "We've not scored a goal in the Premiership yet, but we know where we need to strengthen." Souness and his team must now dust the,se;ves down in time for Sunday's visit of Manchester United, and the manager says he can't wait for that match. "Hopefully Emre and Kieron will be fit for Sunday against Manchester United," he added. "It is a big big game for us. "The next game cannot come quick enough. "Being turned over hjere (at Bolton) is never a nice feeling. We just didnt have the cutting edge but that is something we are trying to address. "The fans were behind the team tonight, and as always we can never argue with the kind of support we get from the fans. "Its time to roll our sleeves up. We need to have a real go and make sure in the next ganme we come out throwing punches.". SHOVE IT SOUEY
  5. Well should we bother protesting on Sunday

    I'll be on my own because no bugger sings, chants or has an opinion down there. And if you do express an opinion some buggar tells you to go and support the mackems (although I don't do boo-ing). But something has to give. We are watching the worst football from NUFC since perhaps Dalglish days...and possibly Jim Smith at his worst (although I quite liked him). The Chairman has some of the blame but can you imagine another manager in the league which would have allowed Freddie to fart about with signings like Soupuss
  6. For those that didn't see it tonight

    Its actually worse than that. Bolton did not play very well this evening. I would even say that they looked distincly average. Speed has his ups and downs and Davies was practically non-existant. 17657[/snapback] To think I was actually feeling sorry for Souness this week - the man is an imbecile. All right 65% of it is Fat Boys doing for not getting the players in but any decent manager can get a good game out of shite every now and again.
  7. ...two minds myself because I'll just be on my own in the Milburn Paddocks. However when the second Man Ure goal goes in i think at least a "Sack the Board" is i order. The one good thing about relegation is that the poison may be taken out of my club....if we dont go bankrupt first!

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