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  1. Quality grammar check going on.... (not hard to miss!) Some excellent responses like. "Not fit to shine Alan Oliver's keyboard"....
  2. Where has time gone?

    15 years have now passed since 5 of us pulled together to create this place. Happy birthday Toontastic!
  3. Where has time gone?

    Congratulations Ant. Hope everything went well for you and the missus
  4. Hey you guys

    20 years on and that idiot still has legendary status
  5. Hey you guys

    Apart from Bridget not washing her hands, the scruffy cow ...
  6. Hey you guys

    I think an expose is required here....
  7. Hey you guys

    What the actual fuck?! I'm sure I will have a backup somewhere.... and it can be restored. Mug in the bin or your dirty hands story breathing life again Bridget, what's it to be?
  8. Where has time gone?

    Ahhh the good old days of FYP. God, I've missed this place....
  9. Where has time gone?

    All good with me. Just older , no wiser and one kid that is actually now an adult! Lots has changed over the years, was made redundant 2½ years back and now work for a well known budget hotel chain who have a couple of places in the city - one of which I look after so shall be home from time to time. Oh yeah and I got into coaching youth football... that's a great way of finding new ways to argue with stupid adults parents...
  10. Hey you guys

    I'd forgotten about him... Just reminded myself of the time he crapped it thinking I working for his company
  11. Hey you guys

    Swindon Mag? I think Gol was responsible for his huge flounce...
  12. Hey you guys

    I had a PM from her around January 2010 asking me to delete her account and her entire history and it would soon become clear why...
  13. Where has time gone?

    8 actually. Around the time they gave me a proper job that didn't involve sitting around on my arse all day No photos either... I'm probably now as old as Leazes Mag was back in the day, just far less grumpy!
  14. Long time no speak

    Oh I have plenty of new, old material to piss you right off
  15. Long time no speak

    Hello all, how’s things?
  16. Long time no speak

    Since Jesus was a lad, eh? Fuck me, some things don't change.....
  17. Long time no speak

    Still rattling on about Freddy Shepherd / Souness no doubt
  18. Long time no speak

    You missing me already? Who's your new cell mate?
  19. Long time no speak

    They made me do it.
  20. Long time no speak

    I really need to stop posting when I'm pissed and forget I've done it
  21. The F1 2011 thread

    New season is just around the corner once again, new cars have been released and testing is under way. Get the feeling we're in for yet another hell of a season. Return of KERS, the move to Pirelli tyres and the introduction of adjustable rear wings should bunch things up hopefully. We should see more overtaking and some cracking racing. McLarens are looking good - love the innovative L-shaped side-pods and the Renault with the forward-facing exhausts looks interesting. Sparing a thought this morning for Robert Kubica who's broken an arm and leg in a rally in Italy this morning. Will definitely miss the start of the season and considering he has bolts in his arms from a previous crash, there's a serious possibility his career may be over. Hope not. What it does mean is that his seat is likely to go to the team's 'third' driver. That would mean a Senna in a black and gold Lotus Renault. Written in the stars IYAM.
  22. Well this is football related so I'm sticking it in here regardless. As some of you know I've taken leave of my senses and agreed to manage an U12 side which my son plays for. Over the last few weeks I've been arranging, without their knowledge to do an event at Reading FC (their local club). Last night, in front of the Sky Sports cameras, my boys were 'guard of honour' welcoming the players onto the pitch and took part in a half time kickaround (American penalties allegedly). With a bit of planning, it created an experience that will leave memories for a lifetime. I'm not popular though, I didn't film Finley (#number 10) scoring a penalty!! https://photos.app.goo.gl/kxkrihCx62soof4S2
  23. Proud Dad / Coach moment

    Well they charged us of sorts... they wanted tickets flogging but yeah, i can't see Mike doing it without having his hand stuck out. Brilliant experience and the kids absolutely loved it.

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