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  1. Agree with those 4, but I'd also say Fernandez and Schar are better than they have been recently. I'd love to say Miggy too but I just don't think he's got it at this level.
  2. She hasn't got a clue. He wouldn't get my credit card limit never mind what he's already squandered. There are players on that pitch massively underperforming. He either needs to motivate them or coach them. It seems he's doing neither.
  3. So we're still shite going forward but we're now absolutely shite at defending. Debating whether to watch the last 25 or just do a Luke Edwards
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55691203 Need to beware of this Phoenix....
  5. Hes right in that it'll just be rinse and repeat next time and the time after that. It still ultimately all falls on Ashley. Bruce was just another one desperate to get his hands on the rudder for as long as he could.
  6. Chaser

    Hey you guys

    Whatever happened to Peasepud? Last thing I remembered was when he did that sting/stalker thread and it didn't go down well.....
  7. So how long do we reckon we will have to suffer him?
  8. We scrape into the final third, then spend the next 10 passes, passing backwards into our defence. Yet another load of shit.
  9. When does this rubbish end? Choices below 1. When Brucey goes 2. When the fans come back 3. When Ashley goes 4. When we turn off the TV. 5. When the ”big 6” let us. Short term I've elected 4. It'll do for now.
  10. Big Andy to save the day as Big Joe couldn't hit a barn door
  11. This is awful. They're giving us the full training game experience now.
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