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  1. Absolute sour grapes going on here. Ok while they're feeding from the trough but as soon as we push in, it's suddenly a question of what's good for competition. Laughable.
  2. There should be one on each side of the ground given the number of people and the potential for it. No excuse really.
  3. Willock dug us out for those last 8 games, but at times we've seen a glimpse of some cohesion. Lascelles was and should be better, Longstaff was and should be better. With Wilson, Willock and the Saint, we should have more than enough to get goals, and we saw under Rafa that these defenders were organised at one point. Hayden also used to have a big part in that in midfield. Like everything else at the club, its been left to decay over time and the players have just shown that. The way they performed today suggests that they know that they have a hand in what happens next wi
  4. Dreadful. I know Wilson is short of match fitness but taking him and Willock off and leaving Joelinton on the pitch was almost Bruce acknowledging that his time is up. I simply can't believe that anyone in their right mind thought he was worth £40000 never mind £4 Million. He's absolutely out of his depth as a footballer and should not be in this side. I'd play Murphy or Fraser over him all day. Whilst Im not a fan of the name calling for Bruce, he should have gone games ago. He knows he can't turn our fortunes around, 36% possession at home with one shot on target is nothing shor
  5. Should have been given a yellow for his theatricals. It's a joke and all it did was hold up our attack.
  6. Hope that the person makes a full recovery. Fingers crossed.
  7. Given the defib was rushed across the pitch it seems that way.
  8. Joe gets the ball and still doesn't know what to do with it.
  9. Football is a weird, parallel universe to what the rest of us live in. Bruce is praised for reaching 1000 games yet won less than a third of them, Rashford knocks out a few tweets and gets an MBE while all those working for charities or saving lives go unnoticed. Players moaning how tough it is to live on £50k a week when the rest of us are living on less than that a year. Im sure the media would be delighted if Woodward gave Bruce the Man Utd job once Ole gets the sack, They really deserve each other.
  10. Can't see him out before Spurs now. Thought at the very latest we would hear it today. It's going to be an odd atmosphere on Sunday now.
  11. He's lasted 2 days longer than I thought he would. They should just get on with it and let Jones do it this weekend. I imagine they've sat down with the players and discussed with them, maybe they've been supportive of him as it seems that he's generally well liked amongst the ex players and media. It's just the fans who can't abide him.
  12. Have you seen the pair of them? Adeyemi is flying again this season and both are being eyed up by top clubs.
  13. Rodgers would get my backing if he came, I'd actually like Potter as he's done a lot with the club's he's had and clearly has the ability to actually manage players rather than just throw money at a problem. Gerard has a championship side team in a pub league so I don't see how that level of competition sets him up. Club needs to fight relegation first before considering running for Europe. It'll come but probably being a bit realistic about how attractive we are at this very minute.
  14. Me and neighbour were talking about it, and agreed that you never realised how good that period of football was until it was gone. If they could bring back a slice of that 90s magic it would be 👌
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