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  1. Never been a fan of Miggy, he just doesn't have any composure and his decision making is poor, Murphy is very similar. I don't actually see much difference between the two of them. Fraser is a much better player than both.
  2. If he dyes his hair blonde, we know it's a certainty..
  3. Diego you want to get these scout reports into the club!
  4. The script was well and truly torn up. Great feeling and an incredible performance. Couldn't believe how dominant we were.
  5. Still think it's too early to judge Maxi, he dragged us out of the mud and was the ray of sunshine before Christmas. He's been out of sorts lately, way off his usual form and I think he needs a better outlet than Wood, who clearly isn't good enough and was a decent waste of money. I'd see how he fares next season with hopefully better players who he trusts.
  6. Dubravka played well, Shelvey played some nice passes but ultimately he doesn't have the legs against a side with pace. ASM again frustrating, could have so much more impact laying off passes instead of taking the extra touch. Thought the back 4 did well overall even when they raced forward with men over..
  7. 2nd half when there's a couple more pints in the belly might make a difference..... or a goal for us.
  8. Fuck the one game I don't watch it and Joe Ellington scores a brace. Inconsiderate bastard
  9. Absolutely fucking marvellous end to that match. Dull game but sweet finish to make my weekend. GTFI Bruno!
  10. I think today will give them a much needed kick up the arse. Shape was all over. I think we will be ok but could do with another win or 2 to be certain. Expect Eddie to make a change next time out
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