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  1. Sports Direct United V Everton

    Great game, great atmosphere, great result.
  2. West Ham vs Newcastle

    I was hoping for a lofty 12th. No chance now. Sky fapping over the hammers
  3. Adam Johnson

    Yeah like I have. Whilst im about innocent until proven guilty, there's more than a whiff about it. If it does go ahead, I suspect that the crowd will be less than full capacity.
  4. Almiron's Vori Vori Vajigel Lovers v Burnley

    Got what he deserves. Been brilliant these last few games. It's like watching a different team!
  5. Almiron's Vori Vori Vajigel Lovers v Burnley

    Incredible finish. Loves to hoof it
  6. Toon V Uddersfield

    Need to hammer these now
  7. Toon V Uddersfield

    Most exciting half all season.
  8. Toon V Uddersfield

    Had more chances this game than we probably had in the last 3 or 4 matches combined!
  9. Toon V Uddersfield

    Why does Schar seem to twat it every time?
  10. Toon V Uddersfield

    0-0 written all over this
  11. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Harsh on Dubravka. Yes, its 50/50 as to whether he failed to catch it as he was being pushed down or those arms just came over the top. He didnt look like he got up for it in time however, he kept us in it with some outstanding stops. Looking at the positives, Longstaff played excellent once again, Almiron looked lively and Hayden seemed to grow in confidence following the goal. We've got players coming back, some competition for places and there was no sign of the Jos tonight
  12. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Looks like it. Rafa had the ref incensed there.
  13. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Dubravka.... absolutely excellent all game until the last minute.
  14. The Wolfs V The Toon

    He's like the new Rob Lee.
  15. The Wolfs V The Toon

    They've definitely dropped deeper, probably what we needed just to knock their attack

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