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  1. Another ridiculously dull afternoon of football. Just seen the stat of 2 shots on target in 4 Premier League games. Was never going to be entertaining.
  2. Cunts v Cunts

    What a waste of a Sunday afternoon. Wish I'd had a dog to walk.
  3. Cunts v Cunts

    New personnel, same old shit.
  4. The Guitar Thread

    Likewise, I had him down as early 40s. Rolling Rock must be from the fountain of youth!
  5. The Guitar Thread

    Yeah, I'd seen him do some stuff with Brett Papa which put me on to him (Guthrie Trapp that is). Rhett Schull mentioned Bukovac and i've been hooked onto it since.
  6. The Guitar Thread

    Any of you been tapping into the knowledge of Tom Bukovac on YouTube with his homeskoolin lessons?
  7. I know some clubs have had decades of the doldrums, but 13 years of Ashleys reign has sucked the optimism and any hope out of this club and fanbase. I think I probably said the same last year but I couldnt care which league we ended up in, as long as there was something to fight for, as long as it wasn't to be a whipping boy for those at the top end of the table or just to fight relegation. Its bollocks.
  8. This time last season, most of us were backing us odds on for relegation. I was certain we'd go down.
  9. So you're happy to call the PL cunts yet still sing their tune in just making up the numbers at the bottom of the table?
  10. So we drop into the Championship. Ashley loses money, the PL lose a club with a large fanbase, someone with money might fancy buying us. Games will be competitive and hopefully we'll be at the other end of it for a change. Not many negatives to take out of it. It might be the best opportunity for a derby as well. Sounds like a win win to me.
  11. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    the 1930s want their joke back.
  12. I'll be honest I didnt fancy the Saudis myself however the rule is, was and always will be 'anyone but Ashley'. Cans out of the fridge and will be going down my neck very soon.
  13. The points total is better than I expected. The football about on par for what I expected. Brewce cost me a bet on relegation so not only do we get another miserable end to the season, but I also didn't get any imperial tokens to suffer it!
  14. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Fuck it, our season is over anyway. I'd rather Pearson and Watford than Moyes and West Ham. Villa going down will be good too.

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