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  1. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Charnley wants to add to the list that if he spends money on players then he can't spend money on managers either, except for the fact that we will probably have to line Sheff Weds pockets with money instead of them having to pay Bruce off in the coming months due to his shite performances in the Championship. Those water facilities, FML.
  2. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Decent goal by Jonjo
  3. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    He'll never sell while we are in the PL, its too much of a cash cow to keep milking. He needs to have the revenue cut from him. We might see a bit more traction in the boycott if we play like this for many more games.
  4. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Problem with that is I think we've had pretty much all of those British managers on that merry go round. David Moyes might come in as replacement to nail the final one in the coffin.
  5. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Muto hat trick.
  6. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Managed to get hold of a signal, just in time to see the 2nd goal go in. No shape. Joelinton out for the season?
  7. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Stuck in a place with a really shite signal. Sounds like i'm missing nothing. My 9/2 on relegation looks to be a decent punt at the minute.
  8. Newcastle United vs Arsenal

    We're playing much higher up than last season, the defenders have probably got nose bleeds from being that far up.
  9. Newcastle United vs Arsenal

    Die hard East standers. Give it a few weeks if we're doing shit, there'll probably more chance of more not bothering
  10. Newcastle United vs Arsenal

    Hardly full. There's empty seats all over.
  11. Tickets for sunday

    Go and watch it in the Strawberry. You'll get the noise if they score and you can stay smug in that you didn't line Ashley's pockets with any of your gold. Treat the kids afterwards.
  12. Andy Carroll....Local Hero! O̶r̶ ̶J̶u̶d̶a̶s̶?

    Give peace and the players a chance. Our frustrations shouldn't be taken out on them, they're not going to sparkle with confidence if we're giving them Joselu abuse. Haven't even kicked a ball yet. Let's see how shite they are in a week or so time when we've had a couple of games to base our negativity on. Ashley is still a wanker.
  13. Andy Carroll....Local Hero! O̶r̶ ̶J̶u̶d̶a̶s̶?

    Geordie spine right through the team now. Bruce, Carroll, Colback, Longstaffs, Dummett. Shepherd will be dancing on his own grave.
  14. Andy Carroll....Local Hero! O̶r̶ ̶J̶u̶d̶a̶s̶?

    Ashley is paying his wages so I couldn't give a fuck what he's getting paid. It's probably good it's incentivised so he can push for fitness. Certainly not had any luck with injury but we've had bigger wastes of money here. I'd have preferred a midfielder, Drinkwater on loan would have been ideal but if he gets fit then he might be a good addition

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