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  1. He probably will be once everyone else is fit. He should however be taking this opportunity to show that he's good enough to play if they want to shift bruno deeper and he can take up the midfield role alongside the other Joe or pushing up as a no 10.
  2. Willock needs to find his shooting boots again. It's bizarre how good he was in that loan spell, rightfully went off the boil when he was made permanent under Bruce ball but he said Eddie has really sorted him out. Well if he has, then he should be potting a few of these chances he's getting. He's a decent player, just needs to add goals again.
  3. Boos from the Johnny come latelys who have just bought a ticket this season proclaiming that they were always NUFC fans.
  4. Difficult to break down a team which just sits on the edge of their box. That said, we're not making it difficult enough for them to defend against. I don't think we have enough quality to take sides apart when they do this.
  5. I'm sure this will be short and sweet avoiding much chance of a fuck up
  6. Must be more optimistic than some of you here. We are a handful of games in, look organised, solid. We have played the top 2 from last season and weve dropped probably the first expected points today. We've got 4 first team players out and yet we are still taking games to teams. If we go on a run like we did last season, then there's absolutely nothing stopping us getting top 6. Plenty to be positive about, and it's early days yet. It's a tough league this year with a lot of surprising results already.
  7. I'm up in town this aft (no ticket). Anywhere showing the match given its not televised in UK?
  8. Man utd have had their sphincter ripped open, chewed on and spat out by Ajax over Antony. The Fofana deal for Chelsea also seems ludicrous.
  9. I've been suitably distracted and cheered up. Time we gave this thread up and got back to hoping for one last signing or a loan within the last 11 hrs.
  10. We spent a lot of time defending in the 2nd half which undoubtedly takes a lot out of players and most of the game they were up and down the pitch as a unit. We won't play like that every game and we won't have the threat of some of the quality we faced tonight. Regardless of that we took the game to them, looked better for 45 minutes and defended superbly second half. The team did all they could to get a point where the ref did everything he could to get them 3 points.
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