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  1. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Harsh on Dubravka. Yes, its 50/50 as to whether he failed to catch it as he was being pushed down or those arms just came over the top. He didnt look like he got up for it in time however, he kept us in it with some outstanding stops. Looking at the positives, Longstaff played excellent once again, Almiron looked lively and Hayden seemed to grow in confidence following the goal. We've got players coming back, some competition for places and there was no sign of the Jos tonight
  2. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Looks like it. Rafa had the ref incensed there.
  3. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Dubravka.... absolutely excellent all game until the last minute.
  4. The Wolfs V The Toon

    They've definitely dropped deeper, probably what we needed just to knock their attack
  5. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Yeah, can't see him upsetting the balance if it remains 1-0.
  6. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Dubravka best player for us so far, Longstaff just behind him.
  7. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Great cool finish by Hayden, clever by Schar to play him in.
  8. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Need to see Almiron about the hour mark, providing he can play 30 mins. Crying out for some options. This lot break pretty quickly so it would give them something to think about if we had something to throw back at them.
  9. NUFC V Manchester City // TONIGHT

    The spirit of September 17th 1997. Oasis playing the Arena whilst Tino was playing Barca.
  10. He a shit striker. Probs one of the best at his craft....and totally out of his depth.
  11. Just been to a kids party. Sounds like that it was the better option which is saying something when it's a soft play on a Saturday afty.
  12. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    What's Oba Martin's up to these days?
  13. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Gutting to think that we could have had sheikh money and instead we've endured FMA for the last 11 years. Theres a whole generation of kids who know nothing but this twats reign.

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