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  1. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    You might just see that if Ashley continues to make a mug of him.
  2. Shelvey for all his ability, is not intelligent enough to grow up and keep himself out of trouble. He also needs to find some sleeves to roll up when they need to be rolled. Despite this, I don't think we should be selling anyone. Does Ashley honestly think its good business to sell someone now rather than in 6 months when the difference could be getting money for one player and relegation or holding off for survival and all the money it brings? We are wasteful with the chances we are creating and we can't afford to be. Joselu took his goal well, full credit to him where its due. The others though, need to be more consistent and not just finishing. We give too many balls away from errant simple passes.
  3. I'm glad we put out a strong lineup. This team need confidence and this builds on that. We were lucky in that we came out unscathed, and the players have enough time to rest. We need to stick a rocket up Swansea now and kick on. I'm desperately hoping we get a couple of additions before the next game just to ease the burden on our relatively trim squad. Glad Woodman got blooded, just to get that under his belt will do the world of good.
  4. Lascelles off for Hayden. Injury or doing a city?
  5. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    They've played well as a team today but why do we go so deep with 10 to go? We make it hard for ourselves and the players forget to play and instead just hit and hope. Hayden and Gayle both demonstrating a lack of quality at the end.
  6. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Darlow MOM. Has to be as he's kept us in it.
  7. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    I'd say carry on with pushing here. They're likely to ship a 2nd.
  8. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Great ball in from Murphy
  9. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Looked like a push in the back for me. Would have been given if it was one of ours defending.
  10. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    We deserve 3 points from this. They're shite.
  11. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    Not sure if I'd have ditched atsu, think Murphy would have been off with Richie going right and Atsu left. Stick Gayle up with Perez.
  12. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    How many chances can we create before someone actually pokes one in the net?
  13. Stoke vs Rafa's Rejects

    6 pointer. As we didn't get 3 the other day, we have to get a win here. Glad Joselu isn't starting but going to need to rely on Diame and Shelvey getting up for any deliveries from wide.
  14. The January 2018 transfer window thread

    Can't afford to sell anyone, unless it's Joselu.
  15. Joselu needs to be dropped. He offers so little. It's like he knows a dirty secret which he threatens Rafa with every time he goes to pick the side.

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