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  1. I'm delighted that we won and with such a cushion, but on the other hand I need to confess that it's the first game ive not watched this season. I might have to avoid watching the Huddersfield game too.
  2. Isn't it dead in the water? I can't see anything changing into next season.
  3. Only got themselves to blame. Paid for poor finishing.
  4. Atsu could have finished that. Shelvey should have finished it!
  5. Other Games 17/18

    Good job he decided to head for home rather than us.
  6. I've watched every match this season, there's been loads of times where luck has deserted us. Regardless of how committed we were, Martial still had 2 opportunities to score and didn't. The fact luck was with us takes nothing away from the fact that they fought hard to get the result.
  7. For once, we got a slice of luck, a big fucking piece of it. Throwing bodies in front of the ball and instead of going in off, they were bouncing straight back at them. Lets hope we can get a few more 3 pointers
  8. Dubravka or Diame MOM for me. Incredible result.
  9. I'm sorry but these players are now far worse than they were at the start of the season. Are they playing for their futures? We saw some decent performances which we all praised, suggesting that we had strength all over the pitch for the premier league and yet now we are calling them all championship players without criticising some of the tactics and the coaching which clearly isn't developing. Yes our squad isn't that big but can any of us actually predict any game which our side is going to be? Surely a team builds a rapport and from there on there is the odd tweak here and there. We are playing with several changes each game when injuries aren't influencing our selection. It seems not even form suggests whether or not someone is playing the following game.
  10. We are shitting ourselves now. Showing no control over the ball
  11. Clark was dumb to pull him around that much though
  12. That is a better side on paper than ours. Just shows how far we've fallen.
  13. Joselu dropped. Finally. Shame Slim isn't fit
  14. Doesnt Perez usually take them? Cant have been any worse.

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