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  1. Toon v AFC Bournemouth

    I'd love to be enthusiastic and say 3 - 1 but I'm not sure we will see 3 goals in as many games never mind over 90 mins. 1-2
  2. Toon V Watford

    Keep the faith!
  3. Toon V Watford

    Onwards and upwards. Looking forward to the takeover, and another 3 points this side of Christmas!
  4. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Anyone else hoping that Ashley has the odd NDA in place? Surely those jeans could entice any female of the species....
  5. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    Is Joselu on a pay less as you play more? Its the only explanation for the amount of game time he gets.
  6. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    He must be half hoping that he gets sacked, just to end his misery. I watched that interview the other day with Shearer and the True Geordie and Shearer said it was important to enjoy playing. This lot must hate facing teams knowing that no matter how well they play, they've not got a hope in hell's chance of winning because no fucker can score.
  7. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    I think this is the game where the team realise that collectively they aren't any better than those at the bottom. That should have been a win, and they lost it through very poor finishing and a complete lack of options. Rafa cannot get the likes of Perez or Joselu to be any better than they are which is championship quality at best.
  8. Toon V Lesta

    I was trying to find somewhere to watch it but being 1-0 down I don't think I'll bother. Be amazed if we grab a goal.
  9. More dreadful football.
  10. Never going to compete. Not even managed to see today's game. Have we had a go or is it much a case of 10 behind the ball?
  11. Newcastle vs Chelsea's pezzo di merda allenatore

    I dont see the comparisons with Allardyce and Benitez. Allardyce gets pots of money at clubs to set them up to play kick and run football. He plays the same tactics week in, week out. Rafa plays kick and run when he needs to as he knows he needs to keep shape against dangerous opposition, but we've seen more attacking football against lesser sides. He picks his tactics to suit the opposition and to ensure we pick up points where we can. Its the reason why most of us are behind him.
  12. Newcastle vs Chelsea's pezzo di merda allenatore

    He must have been Rafa's wingman when going about some of the gentlemans clubs in town and he's sneaked a few selfies with the big man enjoying himself. I can see no other reason why Rafa continually trusts in him!
  13. Newcastle vs Chelsea's pezzo di merda allenatore

    Yeah I heard him mention the flat back 9, and we are targetting Hazard there is no denying that. He has to comment on what he sees. But on balance he's also said that tactically we are well drilled and has said that the team are executing what Rafa has asked them to do. I'd love him to say that we are playing with pace, flair and excitement, but it's not going to happen while Ashley is hollowing out the club!
  14. Newcastle vs Chelsea's pezzo di merda allenatore

    I havent found it that bad. Its clear what our strategy is, and its working well. For a neutral, it makes for a poor game of football but picking up points is what we need.
  15. Rafa’s bargain bin boys vs Warnock’s wankers

    I noticed Hayden tried to remonstrate with the 4th official and all he said was "Go" sending him with his tail between his legs.

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