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  1. Man Gravy

    Hair Cuts

    I shave my pubes and stick them on my face
  2. Roy Keane goes and often fiddles with the dogs in the V.I.P. lounge.
  3. Shite, I hate it. Delete this thread. Ban T-Keith.
  4. I went a few year ago. I'd rather put a needle that has been dipped in acid down my japs eye whilst having my eye ripped out of it's socket with a cork-screw. Wasn't the worst holiday I've had though.
  5. Man Gravy


    Aye, cheers young'n.
  6. Man Gravy


    Helo peeple, I new to the forum. I from Bulgaria but moved to Toon 1 month ago. I started just to support Newcastle and was therre vs. Alkmaar. Go Oba!. My fave toon playa. My English little bad. Sorry if no sense. Welcome me. Welcome me now.
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