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  1. Hair Cuts

    I shave my pubes and stick them on my face
  2. Crufts

    Roy Keane goes and often fiddles with the dogs in the V.I.P. lounge.
  3. The Sunday Papers

    Sell Taylor. He's shite
  4. My band Made Demos

    Shite, I hate it. Delete this thread. Ban T-Keith.
  5. Anyone been to Cyprus?

    I went a few year ago. I'd rather put a needle that has been dipped in acid down my japs eye whilst having my eye ripped out of it's socket with a cork-screw. Wasn't the worst holiday I've had though.
  6. wahoooooooooooooooo

    Areet Kieth, lad?
  7. Hi

    Yes, yes I am.
  8. Hi

  9. Hi

    Aye, cheers young'n.
  10. Hi

    Helo peeple, I new to the forum. I from Bulgaria but moved to Toon 1 month ago. I started just to support Newcastle and was therre vs. Alkmaar. Go Oba!. My fave toon playa. My English little bad. Sorry if no sense. Welcome me. Welcome me now.

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