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  1. Tonight's his bigger but I actually looked forward more to the Arsenal game. I don't expect a great game tonight even if it is bigger.
  2. Start Luque, looking sharper and his attitude his better now. If Dyer is rested then he is key in my opinion, he has pace and will make things happen in a team that passes along the ground and doesn't play long ball shit, He would work with Emre, N'Zogbia and Dyer very well along with Solano in my opinion. Start him!!! Put Shearer back in for Ameobi? Shearer will finsih chances that Shola misses, I'd bring Shola on for him if we have a lead on 60 mins.
  3. Just about to say that, they are the spits of each other.
  4. None knows who we will get, hopefully a good draw. We want a home game for sure. I hope Birmingham or Charlton. Hopefully Chelsea get Liverpool like Shearer said and then we would only have to beat a maximum of one top teams to win it really.
  5. Sunderland - Championship strugglers 2006/07.
  6. He showed us what we are missing when he's out. He changes the team we are. With the stuff he helped create could you imagine having Owen or Shearer to finish off that stuff. Will be great. Great to see Kieron back. Don't think anyone really dislikes him anymore. I think he's a top guy and loves the club and us!
  7. Not good enough to be in a title winning team but a solid mid table to top 6 player. Doesn't let you down. Love the guy, have him on last years yellow kit.
  9. Today showed us that Bramble and Boumsong are not good enough. We sorely missed Steven Taylor. And Parker just showed all his doubters how good he is. And that is a top player. I would put Craig Moore into the starting line up as soon as he is fit. He maybe isn't the best defender around but he is a consistent player who IMO will work beside Taylor. I dunno what has happened to Boumsong, maybe he will regain form but at the moment he is looking a rip off although we shouldn't just say hes shite and be done with it. The lad showed some good form last year. Next weekend I would drop Bramble and replace him with Ramage and bring Carr back in at right back. Ramage is a centre half so put him there and he won't fuck up like Bramble.
  10. Not a bad player but I'd rather have Bowyer. If Bowyer was playing in the SPL, people would be saying he should be back in the England squad as he would be amazing up there. Bossing the mid-field along with scoring a good share of goals.
  11. Its so fake. Shola could do that too.
  12. Cork City for Roy! lol, But seriously he will go to Celtic. no doubt. If we play Celtic in Shearer's testimonial then Shearer v Keane once again!!!
  13. Fuck him! We got rid of him due to off-field probelms not on-field ones! He is quality, no question but a brat.
  14. Zoggy has been dreat for us, lets hope he plays. If not then Emre to the left, Parker and Clark in the middle and Nobby on the right.
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