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  1. Definatley Pedro - he made lineker and co. ,I was at at talk in with Beardsley a couple of weeks ago and the mans humility was astounding considering what he did for the strikers "It was my job",I ve never thought he man got the recognition he deserved so here,s me chance to do it http://www.englandcaps.co.uk/PeterBeardsley.html
  2. just been reading up on Maceo Rigters who certain media people have linked us with :- Maceo Rigters joined NAC Breda from second division Dordrecht on a four-year deal in January 2005 as a replacement for Ali Boussaboun, who was heading to Feyenoord on a free transfer that summer. Rigters had just scored eight goals in 17 games for Dordrecht and with only two other games under his belt for Heerenveen the previous season, his signing represented something of a gamble. He played just five games for Breda in his first half-season and scored two goals in 24 games in 2005/6, with 17 of those ap
  3. Yep just been stated on north east tonight
  4. "Will it be beef or jacket spuds" - remember that being the first line then sumat bout frozen peas then the mushroom line "will it be ****** or frozen peas" anyone know
  5. Well, he should work on his motivation skills if he wants happy people around him. Just blaming everyone but himself won't help... Too fukin right is that not his job !!..to motivate the players ? ...we,ve never had anyone since KK that could motivate the squad.. I said this years ago we either have the wrong personnel or the manager cant motivate what he,s got.
  6. Boils me piss... the thought of him sitting for best part of a season with us struggling and paying him 55k a week.. we wouldnt risk him and he,s supposed to be mended, as has been said what happens if he gets injured and we dont have for the next season are we just acting as a health service for the national team..? PRO,S:- Itll get him match fit (will it matter this late in the season to us) CONS:- he could get injured and we have to pick up the bill and do with out him again. Anyway do think he,s gonna make much difference, he,s still going to be surrounded by shite and I think were
  7. saw this van parked down the metro centre a while ago and it quite tickled me http://img141.imageshack.us/my.php?image=image001ak4.jpg
  8. Thanx mate didnt know if I could post it straight to the forums..thanks again so bacically all Im doing is pasting a link..? and the pic wont be seen until you click on it..?
  9. hi peeps ,might be the years of LCL abuse but Im struggling to post a pic in to the main body of a message Ive blundered around and cant see how to add an attatchment..theres a url thing there but thats for website links (I believe) any help peeps for a noob..?
  10. Back door passes ooer missus lol
  11. yep bit of sour grapes there by the sound of it...he pinched my job and Im doing better than him bla bla bla .....would love to stick it right up them today to shut the twat up ..we dont need anyone else to tell how bad we are
  12. Here,s the latest runners and odds if anyones interested. http://www.equine-world.co.uk/aintree_gran...etting_odds.htm Good luck what ever you bet ..the wife goes for colours and names and always gets a place in the national think Ill start doin the same cos studying the form never seems to work for me
  13. Freddy Shepherd has emphatically dismissed reports that Sven Goran Eriksson has been lined up as a possible replacement for Glenn Roeder at Newcastle. http://msnsport.skysports.com/list.aspx?hl...39;garbage' ...........didnt take long lol.........
  14. its only 74.5 kb and 162 x 145 not sure what your allowed. just checked it has been resized to 150 x 135 thoink your rite matey..cheers
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